Disclosure and Barring Check – excluding SD Salaried

Sheffield Hallam University is contractually and legally responsible for ensuring that all trainees who will be working with children, as part of their course of study, have undertaken a Disclosure and Barring Check (DBS) check. The DBS check must be processed and completed before you start on your course, under no circumstances will you be able to fully enrol on your course, which could impact your funding and placement.

The DBS application is a 2 part process – an online application and face-to-face ID check. If you have an Enhanced, Child Workforce or Child & Adult Workforce DBS that is already on the Update Service, please see guidance under ‘The Update Service’ section below.

Once your DBS has been issued it is your responsibility to inform Sheffield Hallam University of any changes to your DBS status.

Part 1 – Online Application

Click here to start your DBS application entering the following organisation reference and password:

  • Organisation Reference: SHUDS
  • Organisation Code: crbcheck

Please note the login details are case sensitive.

To complete the online application please have the following information to hand:

  • Address history covering the past 5 years. Further guidance on completing your address history can be found here.
  • Sheffield Hallam University reference number (Student ID).
  • If you have lived or worked overseas for over 6 months in the last 5 years then you will need in addition to your DBS a ‘Criminal Record Certificate’ from the authorities of the country or countries you stayed in, guidance on how to request this can be found here. You will need to apply for your letter as early as possible as they can take a while to arrive.

Part 2 – ID Check

You will need to complete the ID check in person at a drop in session or a Course Compliance Event.

You can only use documents stipulated by route 1 on the Disclosure and Barring Service website here https://www.gov.uk/guidance/documents-the-applicant-must-provide.

Please ensure you have the correct documentation as stipulated by the DBS. Any documentation not listed on their site will not be accepted.

All documentation must be originals and not copies or online print outs.

The Update Service

If you are registered with the DBS Update Service and your current DBS certificate is registered for “Child Workforce” or “Child & Adult Workforce” at an enhance level, you do not need complete another online application (part 1) but you will need to have your ID verified (part 2) and present your documents in person.

You must show your existing certificate at the DBS checking session along with your passport or photo driving licence. Further information about the Update Service can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have a current DBS check, can I use this certificate instead?

A. Unless your current DBS is registered for the Update Service and is a Child or Child & Adult Workforce DBS you will need to complete a new check with SHU.  If your DBS current DBS is registered for the Update Service and is a Child or Child & Adult Workforce DBS you will need to complete part 2 as detailed above.

Q. I am currently in process of having a DBS check, can I use this certificate instead?

A. Only if the DBS is for is a Child or Child & Adult Workforce and you have registered it for the Update Service. Guidance on how to register to the Update Service can be found here (please note there is an annual cost and you have to register within 30 days of the certificate being issued).

Q. I bank online; can I print a statement off the internet and use that?

A. You can print out the online statement but you must take it to a bank to have it certified.  We will only accept a print out of your online statement if it contains the official stamp by the bank.

Q. What about utility or other bills printed off the internet?

A. They must be original documents.  We cannot accept online confirmation of your account.

Q. Where will my DBS certificate be sent to?

A. It will be posted to the address you give on your application. Sheffield Hallam University will not receive a copy of your certificate, if you lose your DBS, you will be required to pay for a replacement.

Q. I am currently living abroad, can I use an overseas address on my DBS application?

A. You need to have a UK address to make your application – this is where your certificate will be sent. Please see here for further information.

Q. I am unable to obtain a letter of good conduct/character from the country I travelled to or lived in?

A. You will need to provide the University with references of character from your time overseas. This can include your employer or a company you volunteered for. You will need to collate your references and send them to professionalchecks@shu.ac.uk The Department will consider all documentation received on a case by case basis.

Q. What happens if I lose my DBS certificate? Can I get a replacement?

A. You should treat your certificate like any other important legal document and keep it in a safe place, as replacements will not be issued. If you lose your certificate, this does not affect your DBS status – you will still have your reference number and be recorded on the DBS database. However, you will need to do a fresh application, completing the online form and having your documents checked as before. There will be a charge for a new DBS check.

Q. How long does my DBS certificate take to arrive?

A. This is dependent on a number of factors, hopefully you will receive it within 3 weeks of your check being countersigned, you can track the progress of you check here.