MD2016 Released to SHU

The 2016 /17 Managed Desktop image is now available for use within SHU which is an incremental update to the MD2015 image.

Although there are no major updates to software this year so IE, Microsoft Office and Java are remaining the same last year, we have removed Apple QuickTime from the image.

The updates applied for MD2016 include:

  • Uninstalled CDBurnerXP application
  • Uninstalled Apple QuickTime
  • Installed Cisco Jabber 11.6.0
  • Installed Adobe Reader Update DC2015.010.20056
  • Installed Google Chrome 51.0.2704.103
  • Installed Flash Player
  • Installed FileOpen Plugin B971
  • Updated Java 1.8 to Java 1.8 Update 91
  • Installed .NET Framework 4.6.1
  • Installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Re-distributables for x86 and x64
  • Set environment variable _MENUVER to MD2016
  • Set environment variable _PATCH to 36
  • Set environment variable _VERSION to MD2016