Hallam, how are you? – Students’ Union strategic review

The Students’ Union is coming to the end of its current strategic plan and is now in the process of exploring what our Students’ Union should look like by 2025. They are looking to make radical changes to better serve our students and need your support in order to do this effectively.

The VC, members of ULT and other University staff recently met with senior union staff and other stakeholders at a Transformation Workshop to help shape the future of the Students Union. The feedback from both this session and from students has formed the shape of an online strategy survey that has been launched to students (on 13 November) and will remain open until 30 November with over £400 of prizes available.

The survey is being communicated across digital channels with the hashtag #HallamHowAreYou.  Please can you urge students to make their voice heard by completing the survey on the Students’ Union’s strategy page.

Should you have any further questions or would like to support the Students’ Union further, please speak to Jenine Watt at j.watt@shu.ac.uk or on ext. 5002 at the Students Union.

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