Faculty Services Away Day – June feedback

A message from Kirstie Garnett (faculty operations manager – STA) and Gemma Lancaster (faculty operations)

Dear colleagues,

Thank you to everyone who attended the Faculty Services Away Day back in June. Additionally, thank you to those of you who took the time to complete the feedback survey – we received over 50 responses which is a great. We received lots of positive as well as constructive feedback which we will take on board for future staff events. You can read  all the responses here.

The feedback shows that the majority (over 60%) of staff found that the afternoon had a positive impact on their confidence and ability to do their role well, which is almost a 5% increase from the first event. The June away day saw the introduction of bitesize sessions and over 75% of staff found these sessions useful. We also recognise that there are still improvements to be made and alongside your feedback and suggestions will continue to make these events as meaningful as possible for all staff.

Speaking about the survey, Holly Stainburn said: ‘I’m delighted to see the faculty with the highest survey completion rate was HWB. Thank you to everyone within the faculty who attended and contributed to the away day.’

Planning for the next away day is underway and more information will be circulated soon.

Many thanks,

Kirstie & Gemma

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