Student achievement recognised with two new student awards

The Inspirational Student Award and The HWB Enterprise Award, funded by the Faculty Leadership Team, have been introduced in academic year 2018/19.

The aim of both awards is to highlight the achievement of students and the commitment they have made to either the community or their peers and staff.

The Inspirational Student Award provides the same recognition to our students as is given to staff who receive an Inspirational Teaching Award. The departmental student representatives were asked to provide a definition of the word inspirational and what it means to them. These definitions were used as the criteria for the award.

The opportunity to nominate a student was made available for students and staff on our Blackboard sites.Each award winner will receive a copy of the photograph that will be displayed near to the student’s department. The award winners and nominees have been sent a copy of the nomination(s) made in their favour and will all receive a letter of congratulations from Professor Alison Metcalfe, HWB Pro-Vice Chancellor.

There are 8 award winners and 32 other nominees.

The HWB Enterprise Award provides the opportunity for Level 5 learners to apply for funding to undertake an activity outside of their study area. There are no parameters applied to the activity, other than it should further develop skills. It is a competitive process and applications are assessed by a panel. Within this academic session, 3 learners were successful in gaining the HWB Enterprise Award which will continue for 2019/20.

Both awards provide important recognition of the work of students in this faculty and have been invited to a presentation ceremony on Thursday 18 July 2019.

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