Are you ready to make a FabChange?

Fab Change Week is from 13 to 17 November; it is a national initiative to encourage all health and social care staff to become empowered lead change, it’s a grassroots social movement that aims to make things better, not just for now, but for the future of health and social care.

Within the NHS and wider health and social care there are a plethora of opportunities and challenges that we all face. With a vast financial deficit, we are all striving to improve services at the same time as saving money. Our biggest asset is our staff (and students). Those on the frontline, those doing the job. Fab Change Week is a way that everyone, irrelevant of position can be empowered to make a pledge to improve services, to put it into action and then to join us and share your successes. We realise that communicating well will be vital to the success of Fab Change Week. Integral to this is the need to engage with staff and stakeholders and to invite them to take part.

Originating in 2013 Fab Change Week is growing exponentially year on year. Last year, thousands of people from over 150  organisations, along with many others outside the NHS, made pledges and took action to improve the service. The same collective spirit that led to the creation of our NHS All those years ago continues to be embodied in our passionate staff and teams across the country striving to take the service and its values forward. Today, we are at a point in health and social care history where there is a greater need than ever before to value each other and the contribution that we can all make to ensure that our services are fit for now and fit for the future.

Fab Change Week is a way to show that through collective action, we can demonstrate the significant difference that can be made to aspects of health and social care such as service user experience; leadership and staff wellbeing; safety and the development of service improvements by pledging one simple act.

There are so many areas within health and social care where you could choose to make a pledge, however big or small… here are this years themes to get you thinking:

Find out more, visit Fab at SHU

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