Sandwich Placements and APDip

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The sandwich placement is usually the third year of a 4-year undergraduate degree; and the second year of a 2-year postgraduate degree. The year immediately prior to the sandwich year (Level 5, or Level 7) is the ‘Placement Seeking year’. During this time students in all cases across Hallam are expected to source their placement for the following year. There are typically around 2,800-3,000 placement seekers each year.

The placement does not attract any academic credit, but does attract both tuition fees (£1,200 in 2020/21) and funding from SLC. Funding is explained to students on MyHallam.

Placements may begin as soon as assessments are completed and in most cases can continue up until induction week of final year (for Undergraduates) or the dissertation submission date (for Postgraduates). There are specifics to know for Tier 4 students explained to students on the International Students and Placements page on MyHallam.


A Placements Insights video playlist is also available, which highlights the experiences of students who have recently been on placement, as part of their degree courses.