Employer Advisory Boards

What is an Employer Advisory Board for Highly Skilled Employment?

Employer Advisory Boards have been identified as a key enabler to help us both revolutionise our approach to the curriculum and drive improved graduate outcomes. A number of Employer Advisory Boards or their equivalent already run across Hallam and have had fantastic impacts in many different areas.  We now want to capitalise on this success and ensure students from all courses benefit from them.  These boards can have a range of benefits including accessing support for research, market intelligence, support for new initiatives, securing work experience opportunities and brand advocacy for the institution. An Employer Advisory Board (or subject specific equivalent) will be established and delivered as aligned to every course across Hallam during 2019-2020 with an evaluation completing on the impact of these in June 2020.

What do I need to do or understand?

Gradconsult (https://www.gradconsult.co.uk/) worked in collaboration with staff from across Hallam to identify current position and future need to support this ambition.  From these, 3 levels of current operational positions were identified:

1.       Starting from scratch – Need to start now  

2.       Have EAB but weak HSE outcomes – It’s time to change

3.       Have an established EAB and good HSE – Need to review

To best support courses/depts./faculties to grow and develop their Boards a series of resources were developed in collaboration with academics which can be used or adapted as necessary. 

There is likely to be an identified lead(s) to facilitate the planning and delivery of these boards who will be submitting an implementation plan at the start of this academic year so plans and impact can be reviewed.  Course teams are asked to fully support the planning and implementation of their Boards to ensure it is suitable and impactful for students.   

The impact of each board will be reviewed at the end of the year with feedback gained from all attendees. The ambition is to run a cross Hallam, multi-disciplinary board in July to celebrate success and forge stronger relationships.


Implementation Plans