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Transition into Higher Education at Sheffield Hallam University


This page provides an on-line transition model.  The model has been designed to give new H.E learners an authentic context to a topic from their subject discipline. This involves learners undertaking authentic tasks and apply their own knowledge and experiences. A link to professional practise is provided through video interviews with professionals who put the topic into a real-world context. Presenting three simple steps are called~ Orientate, Apply, Connect. The video and text below provide further insights into the Transition Model.


The model provides a stepping stone to early engagement and thinking about employability in the context of the discipline subject.

Following on from the online pre-arrival model – the Welcome Week activities aims to provide students with the opportunity to experience their course from the offset. It gives students an introduction of ‘Being & Becoming’ whatever they aspire to be.

The Welcome Week model immerses students directly into the heart of the discipline area during their induction week.

An on-line pre-arrival model and welcome week activities have been designed to incorporate applied learning, career readiness and digital skills for employability.  The model places the subject discipline at its heart and, therefore can be adopted by any course area.  The model is part of the Hallam Welcome.

A Toolkit has been designed to support course teams implement the model for your discipline. Visit the Transition Model Toolkit for further details.

The H.S.E. elements are the foundation to the Orientate, Apply and Connect framework:

Connect = introduces a concept, approach or theory from the subject area
Apply = learners apply their new subject knowledge to task(s) (applied learning)
Orientate = Professionals &/or Placement Students talk about the subject area in Practice (Career Readiness)

Case Studies in Practice

Dr Manny Madriaga – Senior Lecturer in Education Studies Sheffield Hallam University

Alex Crombie, Lecturer, Physics, Sheffield Hallam University

Dr Lindy Nahmad-Williams, Senior Lecturer in Education Studies with psychology and counselling, Sheffield Hallam University