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Level 4


This page provides activities that can be used by course teams to shape their curriculum delivery of their L4 H.S.E module, which aims to introduce new H.E learners to real-world application, helping them develop to become more self-aware and open to exploring new ideas; along with presenting learners with digital technologies that benefit their studies, work and life situations. The screencast and text below provide more insight:

Milestones for the Level 4 HSE Module

In this section, we offer you indicative milestones for the design and delivery of your Level 4 H.S.E module. Please visit the Milestones for Level 4 HSE Module document to view the milestones. The level four module typically integrates a live project brief into its curriculum delivery.  The live project is an authentic activity that is aligned with the principles of applied learning.  Find out more on the applied learning in practice site.

The indicative milestones hope to provide examples of the live project stages that your students will encounter, along with a guide to career readiness to support their progress and help them to reflect and articulate.  In addition, we suggest digital tools that will aid students manage and deliver their live projects.

Your Level 4 H.S.E module will, of course, require your students to carry out an assessed task.  We would recommend that you choose a form of authentic assessment whereby students are asked to perform real-world tasks that demonstrate meaningful application of essential knowledge and skills.  Ideally, the assessment task would allow the learner to reflect on the process and their experience of the live project.  Equally, the assessment task should include a tangible outcome for the live project client.  This could be a presentation, a report, an excel spreadsheet, or an artefact such as an infographic or similar that reflects the challenge of the live project.  An authentic assessment task can encourage formative feedback from the live project client.

Learning Activities for Curriculum Delivery 

The activities have been selected by colleagues in the areas of Careers, Applied Learning, Enterprise and Digital Skills for Employability.  We offer ideas that will support you to help your students in exploring how they can transfer their new and existing valuable skills and experience into different situations.  Other activities present ways of supporting your learners in building their experience through extra-curricular activities available to them at Sheffield Hallam including opportunities to develop their entrepreneurial awareness.

Our colleagues from the Digital Skills team offer activities which look at digital technologies that can add value to all aspects of the student’s life.  These digital applications can be put to excellent use through live projects that can be embedded within your level 4 H.S.E modules. Examples of which can be found on the Applied Learning blog. These live projects give the students an early opportunity to work on a real-world challenge with an employer in a scaffolded approach.

Access the learning activities via the links below:

Case Studies – In Practice

Here you will find case studies that illustrate how some of the learning activities have been used in practice within course areas: Level Four Case Studies in Practice.