Health & Safety Policies & Information

Welcome to the Healthcare Technical Operations Resources and Services Website! We're delighted to have you have chosen Sheffield Hallam University for your healthcare education. This page is designed to help you navigate the technical side of your academic journey. On this website you will find information about the Simulated Healthcare Facility, our facilities, equipment and information about your placement uniform. Please complete your way through each section of this induction in order to ensure you have all the information that is essential for the safe and effective use of the facilities.

All Students Must

• Follow the Health and Safety Policy and comply with any health and safety instructions given to them whilst they are on university premises or taking part in university activities
• NOT introduce any equipment for use on university premises, alter any fixed installations, alter or remove health and safety notices or equipment or otherwise take any action which may create hazards for persons using the premises or employees of the university without the consent of the member of staff in charge of the areas or activity
• Comply with all fire, safety and security procedures, as laid down in the conditions of residence, whilst in residence in university property
• NOT intentionally or recklessly, interfere with or misuse anything provided by the university
• Conform to all instructions, written and oral, provided to ensure personal safety and the safety of others
• Use protective or specialist clothing as required and use all safety equipment as instructed
• Maintain tools and equipment in good condition, reporting any defects to their tutors
• Report all accidents, whether or not injury is sustained, to their supervisor

Incidents / Accidents / Emergencies

First aid boxes are fitted throughout the facility. The positions of these and first aid trained staff are indicated on the green and white first aid signage. If you remove anything from a first aid box, please inform Technical Resources in F306. Any first aid administered on site must be recorded on the official accident report forms available online. If you require a first aider or ambulance, contact security (ex 888) from an internal phone or locate your nearest first-aider from the emergency contact list on the walls around the facility. Security contact (non-emergency) during office hours – ex 2000. Security contact emergency only – ex 888

Fire Safety

On discovering a fire or smell of smoke inform your tutor immediately. Raise the alarm by activating the nearest fire alarm and notify security (ext 888) from the nearest safe location. On hearing the fire alarm, leave the building by the nearest exit. Stay with your group and move to the designated meeting point (Woodville Hall car park if in RWB or WTB, grass outside of Oak Lodge or outside Learning centre if in #48). Do not use the lift or stop to collect bags and coats. Cooperate with the fire marshals and do not re-enter the building until told to do so. Wheelchair users should move to the nearest evacuation point and inform security of their whereabouts via the intercom system.