Welcome to the Simulated Healthcare Facilities at Sheffield Hallam University

Welcome to the Healthcare Technical Operations Resources and Services Website! We're delighted to have you have chosen Sheffield Hallam University for your healthcare education. This page is designed to help you navigate the technical side of your academic journey. On this website you will find information about the Simulated Healthcare Facility, our facilities, equipment and information about your placement uniform. Please complete your way through each section of this induction in order to ensure you have all the information that is essential for the safe and effective use of the facilities.

Important Information

The Simulated Healthcare Facility (SHF) is designed to provide you with a safe, controlled and supportive environment in which you can study and practice before entering the healthcare world. Facilities within the SHF are designed to replicate specific healthcare settings allowing you to gain valuable hands-on experience and to develop skills and knowledge through simulated exercises.

Student ID Card

You must carry your student ID card (SHU/Learning Centre card) at all times. Not only does it provide access to the building, but you may also be approached at any time by security/staff to provide identification. Each person’s card has access times programmed into it. Some students (particularly those that are part-time) may need access to the building after ‘normal working hours’. If this is the case, your card will be programmed as appropriate. For more information about your SHU card, click Student ID Card above.

Dress Code

There is no strict dress code within the facility, however, students are expected to dress appropriately for the sessions they are attending. Some sessions may have a practical element and it is wise to be prepared for these. Click the image above to read our full dress code guidelines.

Uniform Information

You will be fitted for uniforms during your first year. You will be expected to wear your uniform whilst on clinical placement and may also be requested to wear it for some practical sessions and examinations. If you lose your uniform or require more than your allocated number, you can purchase additional ones directly from the manufacturer at the same price paid by the university (plus P&P). For more information click Uniform Information above

Simulated Placement

Click the image below to learn more about simulated placement.

Professional Conduct

You are expected to behave professionally at all times. The equipment and its use present potential hazards that are not normally found in the classroom environment. The equipment provided to enhance your education and training is expensive and therefore must not be used without a trained member of staff present. Please be careful and cautious when practising within the facility. Remember that our simulated patients, be that full body or task trainer, are provided to simulate a patient, therefore do not do anything to them that you would not do to a patient. Full compliance with all health safety rules, requirements (e.g. suitable clothing and/or Personal Protective Equipment) and procedures is a pre-requisite for entry and remaining in any practical area, lack of compliance will be considered as a professional suitability issue. In some areas a separate induction session may be required before entering or being granted access.

Eating & Drinking

Eating and drinking is not permitted in our simulation rooms (unless it is part of the session). This is due to the risk of damage to equipment and / or injury to persons. We have a fantastic cafeteria located on the 4th floor of the Robert Winston Building and another within the Heart of the Campus. Please use these spaces to consume food and drink. Please place all your litter in the provided waste bins.

Mobile Phones

All mobile phones must be turned off to prevent interruption / distraction during classes. In cases of emergency please inform your tutor of the need to have your phone on.


One of the most common accidents in the University is slips, trips and falls. To avoid these please ensure that any spillages are cleaned up immediately or the area is marked with a safety cone. There are cleaners on site from 6.30am – 4pm for major spillages.

Smoking / Vaping

Smoking and Vaping is not permitted anywhere within the University building or grounds.

General Practice and Housekeeping

Moving & Handling

Moving and handling is taught on all the health specialist courses and is delivered in the SHF.

Sharps Safety & Disposal

Care must be taken when handling sharps of any kind. Please dispose of these items in the yellow sharps bins provided. Sharps should not be carried around unnecessarily.

Waste Disposal

Clinical waste (non-sharps) should be disposed of in yellow bio-hazard sacks for disposal by incineration. All non-clinical waste should be disposed of in the general waste bins.

Medication / Drugs

A drugs trolley is provided for learning and teaching purposes. All contents of the trolleys are simulated, no drugs are kept on the premises.

Nitrile Powder Free Gloves

For some skills it is necessary to wear gloves. As some individuals react to latex and vinyl, we only stock Nitrile powder free gloves.