We have a wide range of Clinical and Audio Visual equipment / facilities, some examples are listed below. Some of our equipment can be loaned out, loan periods range from 1 day to a whole semester. Call in to Technical Resources, F306 or contact us to see if we have what you need, you’ll just need your staff or student SHU card.

Task Trainers

Healthcare task trainers are simulated models designed for you to practice vital healthcare skills and protocols. The devices provide a highly realistic patient training experience to help you build confidence and competence in skills like IV placement, respiratory treatment, surgical techniques, and more.


Sim Manikins

Simulation manikins are life-like, anatomically correct human models designed to provide immersive, hands-on scenario training for healthcare students. These innovative high-fidelity manikins can breathe, blink, speak, simulate blood pressure/heart sounds, and physiologically respond like real patients.

Clinical Equipment

Browse our vast catalogue featuring everything from basic medical tools like syringes and blood pressure cuffs to more complex life-saving devices such as EKG machines and defibrillators. Consider our site your go-to resource for healthcare technology and equipment education.

Simulated Environments

Here at Sheffield Hallam University we have a variety of specialist simulated environments, including; The Collegiate Wing, a 12-bed ward based at The Heart of the Campus. Replicating a clinical setting and providing a safe environment for students to better develop their expertise, critical thinking and clinical decision-making skills.

Virtual Reality Sim Scenarios

Virtual reality allows healthcare students like yourself to be transported right into lifelike clinical environments and patient scenarios. Using VR headsets and controllers, you'll able to interact with digital patients, practice assessments, clinical skills, decision making, and think on your feet through real-time simulations.

Audio / Visual Equipment


Need to record yourself or a group of individuals? We have Dictaphones & Conference Kits for audio recordings

Apple iPads

Apple iPads are available for teaching & learning as well as for evidence based recording. These are restricted to staff bookings only and must be booked through Connect2.

Poster Boards

We have Poster Boards available for use. We do not assemble or take down the poster boards. When you have finished with the poster boards, please ensure the boards are packed back into their bags ready for collection by the porters.

Click the icon above to send an enquiry.

Camera & Video Recording Equipment

Please contact us to enquire and reserve, include details of what the equipment is required for, the loan period, where you will be using them, plus whether a tripod is also required.