CLASS of 2020. My University Support

GraduateBeing a Graduate 2020 feels both amazing and challenging. Being completely honest, graduating in times like this teaches you quickly to adapt for everything, be ready for any challenges and not to give up and always try. Thus, the university support for graduates 2020 is double essential and so meaningful.

As a Graduate 2020, I am feeling grateful to know that my university does its best to support fresh graduates like me in all the ways possible. Starting from offering virtual internships and placements, finding a mentor among the university alumnae at the Hallam Collective platform, preparing CVs, cover letters and tricks to do good at interviews, to providing support with your start-up ideas – every graduate can find any sort of advice here. As for me, I am actively using the support of the Sheffield Hallam Enterprise Team.



What is Hallam Graduate Start-Up Support?

The Enterprise Team at Sheffield Hallam University helps graduates in many ways to kick start their own business ventures, using the right resources and support. That includes business related workshops, online webinars, mentoring support, appointments with start-up advisors, access to funding, Hallam Freelancer portal and other services.



What Is It For Me?

I have never been a business person before, so I am a new entrepreneur and having a business idea I am working on right now. That is why I find the Hallam Graduate Start-Up support extremely helpful. I have already attended several online webinars and workshops, organised by the Enterprise Team. One of them was creating a website, where the start-up advisors shared with us their own experience and gave us some advice on how to create a website for your business, which resources are better to use at the beginning in terms of price and quality. At the other workshop we were learning how to structure our business plan, using the Business Canvas Model as a business start-up template. Plus to that, there are other workshops on PR and Marketing, where soon-to-be-entrepreneurs learn how to plan a strategy, identify and understand your target audience and the ways to reach your prospective clients.

With this support from the Enterprise Team, now I am more than ever feeling motivated to prepare a good business plan and start my own business venture after graduation, equipped with required skills and resources. It was a nice surprise to know that this support is available to all university graduates up to 5 years after graduation. I think it is one of the reasons why Sheffield Hallam University has a diverse entrepreneurial community of the university graduates, always supporting its students along the way, even long after graduation.

Written by #HallamInsider Zhanna Telegenova