Hallam Insider Rachel’s Sheffield

By Rachel Measures, Masters in PR.

I moved to Sheffield in September of 2015 as I arrived as a Fresher for my first year. Four years later I’m starting my Masters dissertation and planning to continue living, working and renting in this wonderful city. With four years of eating, drinking and exploring the city, I thought it was worth sharing my top finds in and around the city centre to help you find new places to go if you are a current student or joining us in September.

Where I eat

Wagon Bistro: This wonderful little café/bistro is located just across from the train station and is a little hidden gem. I’ve taken so many friends there who walked past it every day but didn’t even realise what it was and they have all loved it. It’s a family run business so well worth visiting!

Tabby Teas Cat Café: Another little gem, just off of London Rd not far from the city centre, tabby teas is a fab place to have a cup of coffee and a slice of cake while sat with some lovely furry friends. I started going once a week between lectures when the semester got a bit stressful – it is a great place to unwind for sure.

Where I have dessert

Cabin: Located at the bottom of the moor, Cabin is one of many dessert places that I’ve tried in Sheffield but it certainly has the best atmosphere. Open early until 5pm, it’s a great place for breakfast when you deserve a treat.

Where I study

Charles St Building: Even though I rarely have lectures in this building, I spent an awful lot of time studying in Charles Street since it has such a good atmosphere, comfy chairs, loads of space and plenty of quiet to help you get on with those all-important study sessions.

Where I relax

Botanical Gardens: I love my little walks and I especially love getting out into nature. It does sound all very clichéd but fortunately Sheffield is one of the best places for green spaces. And my go to place is the Botanical Gardens and feeding the super friendly squirrels.

Where I spend my night life

West Street: My go to night out is a West Street bar crawl. This is because you can get a range of music, different atmospheres and a change of scenery throughout the night. West Street is also better for your pocket since you don’t need to pay entry for the bars where you would with a club. Just buy drinks when you feel like it and enjoy your night dancing with friends – it’s what I do.

Where I socialise

Red Lion: For a casual drink with friends, alcoholic or not, I go to the Red Lion pub just up from the Student’s Union. We regularly join in with the pub quiz which is held at 9pm on a Monday and I recommend going for a roast on a Sunday, especially if you’re missing your family’s cooking. It’s always filled with the locals so it’s a lovely spot to go hang out in.

Beer Engine: Just off of London Rd, located next door to Tabby Teas Cat Café, the Beer Engine is a fantastic little gem which is a little less studenty for catching up with friends. When I last went the sun was shining and we chilled in the beer garden catching a tan.

Where I go for fun

Jump Inc.: This is an increasing favourite of mine. It’s a fun trampoline park near Meadowhall so you can get the tram or drive to it to enjoy a pleasant way to exercise, blow of some steam and have fun with friends.

Hollywood Bowl: Based in Valley Centertainment, Hollywood Bowl is an enjoyable date location, but also great for spending time with friends. I’ve been for bowling and the arcades, and even a sneaky game of pool, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I also hear there’s mini golf nearby too.