Six non-sporty reasons to enjoy this year’s Varsity

Published on behalf of Kamila Zielinska.

Singing along to Queen at the top of my lungs… Throwing my hands in the air… And spilling my drink out of the overfilled plastic cup. I can see a group of students in front of me with their arms wrapped around each other. There’s a big chance they’ve only just met and might not know each other’s names yet. Here come the lights, the applause, the screams – it’s that time of year again.

Is it a gig? Is it a festival? Nope. That’s just what it’s like to be Team Hallam at Sheffield Varsity. This was my exact experience at the Ice Hockey game.

What you should know about me is that I’m definitely NOT a sports person. I’ve had some attempts in high school, such as a failed cheerleading stunt or getting hit in the face with a football a few times. So now, my sports experience goes as far as seeing the odd game of The World Cup on tv.

And yet, you can be sure that I’ve been counting down to Varsity season as soon as Christmas was over. This is why I’m here to tell you all the reasons why you should put your Team Hallam merch on (including the hats – it’s still cold enough!).

My top non-sporty reasons to enjoy Varsity

1. The Rivalry.
Whether you’re into sport or not, you will definitely feel the competitive atmosphere between Sheffield Hallam and the University of Sheffield. The ongoing rivalry between the two universities is what fuels all the excitement! Even if you’ve not experienced it so far, I can guarantee that your supportive spirit will come out soon as you’re there.


2. There is SO MUCH going on.
Whether you’re into club events, house parties or karaoke, there will be an event to suit you. Even if you only want to attend the competitions, there are so many to choose from – will you be watching the Rugby, the Ultimate Frisbee or maybe a fringe event like Pole Fitness?

3. There’s no better way to feel a part of Hallam.
This might sound pretty cheesy, but it’s true. University is a massive place with a huge amount of people, and it’s common to sometimes feel lonely or lost. However, when everyone’s wearing the same colours it really feels like you’re a part of something. You can’t beat that feeling of unity!

4. The student experience.
Varsity is one of those things that you will probably look back on ten years from now. ‘You know, back in the good old student days’… Well, if you don’t take part, there’s a big chance you’ll look back wishing you did. And you need to somehow fill up those ‘Uni life’ Facebook photo albums!

5. Distraction from deadlines.
It just so happens that Varsity falls around the time when the term is slowly coming to an end. I’m pretty sure that’s not a coincidence, as we always love an excuse to procrastinate! And with all that deadline stress, we all need a little bit of distraction to get us out of the library. But, seen as it’s still part of University life, you don’t even have to feel guilty.

But no matter how much I write about it, it’s still one of those times where you say that ‘you just had to be there’. Well… you want to be the one who gets to say it too, don’t you? It’s time to make some amazing Varsity memories – I’ll see you there!

What’s your favourite thing about this year’s Varsity? Let me know in the comments.

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