Instagram Takeover

I wanted to write a quick little blog post with some highlights from my Instagram takeover a couple of weeks ago. I hope you all saw some or all of it and enjoyed some of the Instagram Stories and Timeline posts that I did. Unfortunately if you missed the stories you won’t be able to see them now, however, all of the timeline posts are still on there and they explain the gist of the day and some of the places I went to. I won’t go through everywhere that I went to but, below are some of the highlights!

The Cabin is one of those places I’ve been meaning to go to for ages but haven’t gotten around to so, I knew before I set off that that was going to be the place to stop for lunch. It’s a fantastic cafe just of the Moor and their pancakes and waffles are to die for!

The Peace Gardens is one of the best beauty spots in Sheffield and a perfect place to eat your lunch. There’s currently the Sheffield By The Seaside event going-on meaning it’s even better as there’s food, drinks and snacks, as well as live music.

Admittedly not one of the most beautiful buildings in Sheffield but with the giant steps and pillars, fountains and memorial, Barkers Pool is another lovely spot to relax in Sheffield. This one is of special significance to Sheffield Hallam students as well as it’s where graduation is held – including mine in November (eek!)

Here’s the last upload I made during my takeover, it’s the view from up at the Sheffield Amphitheatre which is just behind the train station. It’s right near where I used to live so I’ve seen many a sunset from here and they just get better and better. It’s definitely worth climbing all those steps!

So that’s my highlights, if you want to see more Instagram updates from myself or the University official account you can follow either of us using the links, keep an eye out for more takeovers from the #hallaminsiders and thank you to everybody to helped out with the takeover and/or interacted with the posts in some way, I hope you enjoyed the day as much as I did!