6 reasons you can be proud to belong to Team Hallam

With Varsity 2017 coming up, it’s time to don your maroon sweater and fly the flag a little for Hallam. Maybe you’ve bought tickets to the Hockey Final? Maybe you’re planning on seeing the swimming, tennis and more? Or maybe, you’re not really into sports? Either way, we are all still a part of Team Hallam, and even if you’re not planning on seeing any of the sports events during Varsity this year, here’s 6 reasons you can be proud to belong to Team Hallam!

  1. Ground-Breaking Research

Students and staff at Sheffield Hallam University have spent years conducting research in order to improve practices, technologies and knowledge across a number of disciplines. The research being carried out, such as a current on-going study into improving treatment for prostate cancer, has the potential to benefit millions of people, all over the world, and it’s amazing research like this, that’s happening right here at Hallam.

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  1. Fantastic Facilities


Since 2014, Hallam has invested £72 million in new buildings and facilities for students. Need access to a state of the art radio equipment suite? Not a problem. 24-hour library that’s open 364 days of the year? You got it. Newly refurbished home for the Sheffield Institute of Arts? Yep. Newly built home for Sheffield Institute of Education? Right here. Being at Hallam means you know you’ve get the equipment and facilities you need to advance your career.


  1. Careers Centre
Careers and Employability Centre at Sheffield Hallam University

Careers and Employability Centre at Sheffield Hallam University

With the top-rated University careers advice services in the UK right at your fingertips, make the most out of them! For up to five years after graduating from Hallam, you still have access to one-to-one advice sessions, business and freelance guidance, job listings and more. Not only that, there are regular careers events to get you in touch with employers and placement opportunities. What’s not to love?

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  1. Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union

Once you enrol at Sheffield Hallam, you’re a member of the Students’ Union, and there are lots of ways you can get involved and take advantage of the amazing services they offer. The Union is run by students, for students, giving Hallam students the chance to make a real difference in their community. There are hundreds of societies you can join, and if none of them take your fancy, why not start your own? You can get involved in volunteering to gain some experience, feel good and have fun. Sports fan? There’s a team for you at Hallam! The Union also has a fantastic advice centre where you can go and talk confidentially to people who can help you take the right steps.

Click here to visit the Students’ Union website.


  1. International Students

Sheffield Hallam has a vibrant community of students from a wide range of backgrounds. Students come from all over the world to study here and become part of Team Hallam. With Culture Connect, International and UK students to connect, get to know each other and develop cultural awareness, all whilst having fun! Events such as SHUFest allow for those of different nationalities to come together at Hallam and experience different cultures and traditions. Hallam also have an extensive programme to ensure international students have all the support they need, before they even start at Hallam.


  1. Alumni

Sheffield Hallam alumni includes several famous faces and notable name, including Blue Peter presenter Andy Akinwolere, Managing Director of Comparethemarket.com Kal Atwal, film producer Mark Herbert and many more. When you come to Hallam, you remain part of the community forever and the benefits of coming here, really do last a lifetime. Sheffield Hallam alumni have gone out into the world and contributed to areas of research, media production, sports and more, making a difference to countless lives and achieving their goals. Exciting stuff!

Let’s not forget, no matter what happens at Varsity 2017, you can buy the Team Hallam hat, wear your maroon proudly and remember you’ll always be part of the fantastic community that is Team Hallam!

Plus, we’re totally going to win at Varsity this year. Just sayin’!