Feature Walls: 3 New Locations of Sheffield Street Art

It cannot be denied that Sheffield is a city of art. From the student areas of Ecclesall Road and Crookes, to the cool pubs and bars of industrial Kelham Island, you cannot walk for more than a few minutes without stumbling across some wonderful, creative pieces of art decorating walls and buildings.

In the past few months, there has been an abundance of street art appearing all over the city. As part of the Feature Walls Sheffield event in late October, the city saw a large number of contemporary murals by well-known street artists appear. Curated by Bradburys and Blanchard of the B&B Gallery, the event saw sixteen local and international artists invited to Sheffield to demonstrate their talents.  So, what new pieces have appeared, and where can you spot them?

Faunagraphic//Back of Red Lion Pub, Charles Street


Source: @chicgeek on Twitter

Known for her distinctive and colourful pieces, Faunagraphic is one of my favourite street artists. In her new piece at the back of Sheffield pub the Red Lion, Faunagraphic uses intricate textures and images of nature to create, in my opinion, one her best pieces to date.






Phlegm//Snuff Mill Lane, Ecclesall Road area

Recently hailed for creating what must be the tallest piece street art in Toronto, Sheffield Street

Source: Terence Revill

Source: Terence Revill

Artist Phlegm has created a new piece of art on Snuff Mill Road, ajacent to KFC on Ecclesall Road. This piece is distinctively Phlegm: wonderfully monochrome and robotic, with lots of different elements to it.If you live in the Ecclesall Road area, or even just fancy a walk there to discover all the independent boutiques and eateries, be sure to check this piece out!




Rocket01//Opposite the HUBs

I was lucky enough to see Rocket01 create this piece myself. I did try to strike a conversation

Source: Me!

Source: Me!

up with him, but understand he was probably working to a strict time frame, and to have some curly haired student shout up at you when you’re working is probably a tad annoying! The motorbike, which is near our very own Student’s Union, the HUBs, It’s really interesting, because if you look closely, you can see that he’s positioned the piece next to a pipe which emits smoke, so it looks as if the motorbike’s engine is running! Next time you’re walking down the hill on City Campus toward the train station, take a right by the science parks and have a look yourself.


So that’s all! If you have any suggestions of street art I should have a look at, do tweet me @callford1.