10 Things you’ll only know if you’ve studied at Sheffield Hallam

Every city and every University has its kinks and quirks. Hallam itself is no different. From Varsity rivalry to the maze that is the main building of City campus, there’s a lot to learn at Hallam besides your subject area. With graduation for the Class of 2016 only last week, another set of Hallam students say farewell, but everything that’s unique and fun about Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam will always be with them. And with you.

  1. Sheffield Hallam vs University of Sheffield


The rivalry between to two universities of Sheffield is something that all students of both Hallam and Uni Of are fully aware of. However, it’s not like there are battles and skirmishes on the streets between students, pistols at dawn, fighting to the death. It’s just something that’s understood by all students in Sheffield. Things tend to heat up a little for Varsity though. During this time, everybody gets real passionate about their university.

  1. Being a Southerner means anywhere further south than Chesterfield

It’s not as if there’s a Game of Thrones style Wall somewhere between Yorkshire and Derbyshire but, sometimes it can feel it. If you’re from anywhere further south than Chesterfield you’re dubbed a ‘Southerner’. There’s nothing wrong with being from the north or the south, it’s just amusing how there seems to be some sort of dividing line somewhere on the M1 before you get to Sheffield.

  1. Never wear anything decent in Corp

You probably know by now that floors in clubs are sticky with various sorts of alcohol. The most popular clubs in Sheffield have this trait, places like The Leadmill and Plug – it’s just something that’s understood by those who have been clubbing. But there’s nowhere quite like Corp.

  1. There’s lots of green


Sheffield is the greenest city in Europe, with three times as many trees in the city as there are people. Part of the Peak District National Park even lies within the city itself. There’s 300 park areas and stunning views. It’s quite distracting when you have an assignment and yet it’s sunny outside and there’s open green spaces to walk and relax. Damn you Peace Gardens for being so close to campus and so helpful for clearing away that hangover feeling and assignment stress! But let’s be honest. We wouldn’t be without all the lovely spaces Sheffield has to offer.

  1. Weekends are either too boring or too exciting

It’s the plight of the university student. Weekends are either for catching up with assignment work in the library (mainly for third years), partying a little too much on West Street and having a regret-filled Monday morning or hibernating at home because although it would be nice to have a wander out, get a coffee and some fresh air, you don’t want to leave the house. It’s either too much being at home being bored despite the fact it’s just because you can’t be bothered to do anything, or too much excitement at Corp.

  1. You are constantly getting lost in the City building

The main building of City campus contains several named buildings, hundreds of corridors that all look the same and is a real rabbit warren of lifts, staircases and classrooms. How do you get from the atrium to the library? If you’re in Howard but your class is in Norfolk, which staircase do you use? You spend three years trying to answer these questions and even then, it’s still a mystery for most.

  1. The cool street art, sculptures and architecture of Sheffield is a bit distracting

With stunning views, amazing street art on every wall, beautifully creative sculptures and artworks and impressive buildings scattered all over Sheffield, it’s easy to get distracted by the cheese grater building, or the fountains, the massive greenhouse in the city centre or the David Attenborough mural on the wall.

  1. And did I mention the views?

I don’t think this one really needs an explanation. You know what I’m talking about.

  1. The staircases are numerous and demanding at times but, at least they’re pretty


The Sheffield Hallam campus has several buildings, some of more complicated than others and some have more stairs than others but, it can’t be said that the staircases are mundane. At least there’s something to look at whilst you huff and puff your way to the top of them.

  1. You’re either one of those people who makes the most of being so near to the Peaks, or you say you’ll head out there and don’t quite manage it

You know exactly what I mean. There are two groups of students. Those who venture to the Peaks at every opportunity to explore, be creative, enjoy the fresh air etc. and those who say they will, want to make the effort, but never quite manage it, or at least, very rarely manage it.