6 weeks to go before Graduation 2018

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Hi everyone! It’s October! This year is just zooming by and that means that the graduation ceremonies are drawing ever nearer – they are only six weeks away!

We’re slowly gearing up for moving ourselves over to City Hall to set up an amazing two weeks of ceremonies, but more importantly, we’re readying ourselves for organising ticketing as the ticket booking deadline approaches.

You have 3 weeks, exactly 23 days, left to book your tickets for graduation. This is also the same deadline for booking your gowns from Ede and Ravenscroft, so don’t forget to do that too.

However, you can relax when it comes to your photography as this can be booked on the day – phew!

For those of you that are still awaiting results, and are unable to book your tickets yet – don’t worry! Your faculty admin teams are working hard to make sure that your records are updated in time for the deadline dates, and if for any reason you are a bit concerned, you can contact us at the Graduation Office on graduation@shu.ac.uk or 0114 225 5353 so that we can put your mind at rest.

6 weeks to go!

The Graduation Team

What happens on the day of Graduation?

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Many of you are now booking tickets for this year’s Graduation ceremonies – how exciting! However, a few of you are probably starting to get nervous waiting to find out what happens on the day.

So here’s a little bit more information:

We usually recommend that students attend City Hall two hours before their ceremony starts to allow time for gowning, photography and for finding their seats in the Oval Hall.

During the ceremony, students will be taken from theirs seats to the stage all in correct time.

The ceremonies usually last between an hour and a half and two hours; all depending on how many students are graduating. Therefore, we ask that students leave two hours before booking meals or trains after the ceremony, though you may need to leave more time if you are returning your gown afterwards.

Take a look at our short guide to find out more about what happens on your graduation day, or take a look at the graduation website here.

You will also receive further more in-depth information with your tickets which will be posted to you one week before you ceremony.

If you have an overseas address your tickets will be available, on the day of your ceremony, from the information desk two hours before your ceremony start time.

As always – any questions please take a look at our website or if you need to speak to someone contact the Graduation Office on graduation@shu.ac.uk.

The Graduation Team

A summer reflection and official goodbye

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As we reflect on the summer we’ve just left behind us and look forward to November, July was the month that we officially said farewell to our Chancellor Professor the Lord Robert Winston and welcomed our new Chancellor Baroness Helena Kennedy QC.

Professor the Lord Robert Winston was our Chancellor from 2001 until 2018 and attended many of the University’s graduation ceremonies, inspiring graduands from across the world. As a final farewell, the following video was played at his leaving dinner to commemorate his time at the University which we will post below for you to enjoy.

We look forward to welcoming Baroness Helena Kennedy QC to both the University and to our ceremonies, where we are sure she will make as much of a difference to our graduates as Lord Winston did.

The Graduation Office

3 Amazing Graduation Stories

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Newcastle University Student graduates despite debilitating condition, crossing the stage on a stretcher.

Melanie Hartshorn suffers from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) which causes her joins to dislocate. She is often left bed bound and in constant pain. However, she managed to complete her degree in biology and cross the stage to celebrate her graduation. Read more here

After almost dying from a kidney infection while studying, a Grandmother, 86, from the University of Bristol, graduates with a doctorate after completing a 48,000 word history dissertation.

Peggy Styles completed her doctorate after 8 years of study where she overcame a kidney infection which had her fighting for her life and suspending her studies. During this time she also dealt with the death of her husband, John.

Peggy gets to graduate with the support of her daughter, son-in-law and her grandsons when she crosses the stage to collect her award. Read more here.

Oklahoma high school student walks for the first time on his graduation day.

Micah McDade, suffering from cerebral palsy, took it upon himself to, after countless hours of physical therapy, to shock his peers, staff and family by rising from his wheelchair to walk across the stage and collect his diploma at graduation. Read more here.

As always – any questions please take a look at our website or if you need to speak to someone contact the Graduation Office on graduation@shu.ac.uk.

The Graduation Team

Meet the Graduation Team at Sheffield Hallam University!

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We’re starting to speak to more and more of you, and you’re going to see our faces at the graduation ceremonies, so we thought it was the right time for you to meet your graduation team!

Samantha Jackson

My name is Samantha Jackson and I’m the event manager with responsibility for corporate and graduation events. I’ve worked on graduation for over 20 years and I’ve had a variety of roles: I started out helping with gowning, meeting all the graduates and helping them into their gowns.  I then moved to steward on the doors helping guests and graduates to find their seats in the Oval Hall. I’ve managed the phones and dealt with queries, I even used to process all the paper booking forms way back before we had online booking.  I remember one year manually allocating tickets for a ceremony and running out of seats – I had the whole ceremony to do again – it used to take a couple of days to ticket a ceremony manually, now it takes about half a day.

These days I’m managing the team that do what I used to do. Graduation is such a special time; it is lovely to see all the graduates and their supporters. Some we get to know better than others but I get such a sense of pride as everyone crosses the stage.

Laura Kelly

Hey, my names Laura and I work as an Events Coordinator in the Corporate and Graduation Events team here at Hallam.

I joined the team nearly 3 years ago now; it’s flown by super quickly and feels like only yesterday that I nervously walked into the graduation office on my first day!

I came to Hallam from a hotel-based events background and had worked in a hotel for over 6 years. Going from organising weddings and Christmas parties, to help pull together 20 graduation ceremonies for over 7000 students and 30,000 guests was certainly a steep learning curve….but I loved it!

In the run up to the ceremonies I ensure our fabulous graduation assistants, Rachel and Joanna, are trained up on all things system/report related (thrilling stuff!) as well as helping out with the day to day queries and general admin that comes our way. There are lots of reports and checks to be done behind the scenes, and this year I’ll also be overseeing the team who will be working hard to ticket all 22 ceremonies for you lovely lot. Wish me luck!

My favourite aspect about working on Graduation would have to be the two weeks we spend up at City Hall. The buzz and atmosphere is just so infectious and everyone is in such high spirits celebrating their achievements, it makes all the hard work organising it extremely worthwhile.

I’m looking forward to seeing all you guys cross the stage this year- see you up there! 🙂

Bethany Lincoln

I’m Beth, and I’m an Events Co-ordinator in the Corporate and Graduation team. I started working in the team around a year ago in July 2017. I started as a Graduate Intern and actually studied Events Management at Sheffield Hallam so I already had a little idea about what Graduation was all about after attending my own.

In terms of my job role now as an Events Co-ordinator, I have a lot of involvement in the website and blog. This year with the help of all the team we launched a new graduation website, so I do hope you’re finding it useful! I also assist with collating nominations for our Platform Party, who are the people who sit on the stage at the graduation, and I help the students who have been nominated for the ‘Vote of Thanks’ speech to ensure that their speeches are ready and as good as they can be. You may also find yourself talking to me on the phone if our Events Assistants Joanna & Rachel are too busy!

The best part of the job for Graduation, as it will be for everyone, has got to be working at the ceremonies. The buzz from the students creates such a great atmosphere to work in and it’s fantastic to watch all of our graduates celebrate their achievement.

Rachel Measures

Hi everyone, I’m Rachel. I’m a Graduation Events Assistant in the Graduation Office, working somewhat seasonally since summer last year – working from July to December 2017; I’ve been back in the office since April 2018 helping the wider events team here at Hallam, and, of course, the graduation team. I help with queries via email, over the phone or in person, along with a range of other administration tasks to help run graduation behind-the-scenes, including blogging.

The best part of the job is being able to work the two-weeks of the graduation ceremonies themselves. It makes all the hard work leading up to them worth it – this year is especially exciting for me as I’ll also be graduating alongside many of you, as I finished my 3rd year a few months ago. It’s going to be so cool working graduation, seeing many of my friends cross the stage and, finally, crossing the stage myself. So excited!

Joanna Sichivula

Hi, my name is Joanna Sichivula. I’m working as a Graduation Assistant, in the Graduation Office and I’m still a student at Sheffield Hallam University. I started working in the office August 2018, so I’m a new member of the team. My role consists of responding to queries, via phone, email or in person. You’d be amazed how much work goes on behind-the-scenes leading up to graduation.

The best part for me so far is working within the team: since graduation is such an important time for many people right now, and it is an important event in the University’s calendar. It helps me to keep organised with such a supportive team around me.

I’m looking forward to seeing the joy on people’s faces when they graduate, knowing all their hard work was worth it in the end.

As always – any questions please take a look at our website or if you need to speak to someone contact the Graduation Office on graduation@shu.ac.uk and you’ll get to speak to one of us!

The Graduation Team