Graduating and working in the Graduation Office – Meet Rachel

by Rachel Measures.

Hi everyone,

I’m Rachel, a Graduation Events Assistant in the Graduation Office here at Sheffield Hallam University. I am also a 3rd year student and have just completed my course (and received my dissertation grade back – scary!) so believe me, I understand what this time of year means to us all.

It’s honestly so crazy that my three year BA Media course has finally come to an end, and after a stressful few months I am more than grateful that I didn’t have any exams this year. Instead, I had a gruelling couple of semesters completing my assignments and my dissertation.

Now with everything handed in, a dissertation printed and bound in my hands, and with the grades coming back, I am definitely feeling a little lost knowing that now I can just sit back and wait to celebrate at my graduation.

So what’s next? Well, it’s completely normal to feel a little lost after three years of the same routine, and completely normal to feel unsure where your next steps are going to be taken, especially if you don’t have any plans right away – just remember, taking some time to regather is totally okay.

However, for me, I’ve accepted a place on a masters course, where I will continue studying on the same floor as I have been for the last three years (is that cheating?) as I move from BA Media to MA Public Relations.

In the meantime, while I wait for my graduation and the start of my new course, I am working in the Graduation Office (for the second year in a row) ALL summer! You’ll probably get to know me if you email Graduation on or call us on 0114 225 5353, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

I can’t wait to work on graduation AND attend graduation this year – so I shall see you all there, one way or another! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about my role, or about being a student and working for the university ūüôā

Rachel and The Graduation Office

Ticket booking – everything you need to know

by Bethany Lincoln.

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks with graduation dates being released, but we’ve noticed that a lot of you are now thinking about booking your tickets. To clear up any confusion, I’m going to tell you all you need to know at this stage…

‚óŹ Ticket bookings do not open until Wednesday 1 August. There is nothing you can do until this date with regards to your tickets, so long as you¬†can see your ceremony date on My Student Record and¬†your¬†contact details are all up to date,¬†you’ve done all you can do for now.

‚óŹ We guarantee that you will receive three guest tickets, plus your own graduate ticket. You can apply for up to 10 tickets on the 1st August, but you’ll receive your allocation once bookings have closed on 26th October.

‚óŹ Your graduate ticket and any guests under 5 are free, but all other guest tickets will cost ¬£10 each. We have to charge for tickets to cover the hire cost of the City Hall, but it does make for a fantastic venue for you to celebrate your achievement in!

‚óŹ When you book your tickets, you’ll be told to share any special requirements that you or your guests have, whether this be mobility issues, vertigo, phobias or anything else you think we may need to know about. We can accommodate any request that you have, but please do remember to share it with us before ticket bookings close!

We hope that this will clear up a few questions that you have, but of course if you have any other concerns¬†or queries¬†then please don’t hesitate to contact us (

The Graduation Office 

You can now see what date you’ll be graduating!

by Bethany Lincoln.

It’s the news we’ve all been waiting for – you can now see what date you are going to graduate! We’ve emailed and invited around 13,000 of you to join us at the City Hall in November and we already can’t wait.

Image result for excited gif

As a reminder, to¬†see which date you’ll be graduating on go to My Student Record, ‘My Certificate and Graduation’, ‘Check and Amend My Details’ and look for ‘Your Ceremony Details’. If you didn’t receive an email from us, follow the instructions above and while you’re there, just make sure your email address is up to date.

So, in¬†light¬†of this news, it’s time to get shopping for your graduation outfit, make plans with friends and family and of course – ensure pass any exams coming up next few weeks! Image result for scared face emoji

As always – any questions, please take a look at our website or if you need to speak to someone contact the Graduation Office on REMEMBER – ticket bookings don’t open until 1st August, so please don’t worry about this yet!

The Graduation Team




We are one step closer to finding out your graduation date…

by Bethany Lincoln.

Okay so maybe it’s not something jump up and down about, but we now know what dates each faculty will be holding their ceremonies! We’re still trying to confirm the exact dates of your graduation and¬†as soon as we get these we will let you know – they should be confirmed within the next month.

Faculty of Development and Society: Monday 12th – Thursday 15th

Faculty of Arts, Computing, Engineering and Sciences: Friday 16th & Monday 19th

Sheffield Business School: Tuesday 20th & Wednesday 21st

Faculty of Health and Wellbeing: Wednesday 21st – Friday 23rd

To keep in the loop, make sure you keep checking your emails, My Student Record and of course this blog to get the latest information about your graduation dates.

 The Graduation Team


What things can I expect from my graduation day?

by Bethany Lincoln.

Just before you go on your Easter¬†break, which we’re assuming¬†won’t really be¬†a ‘break’, we thought you may like to know a few fun things about what to expect on your graduation day. Enjoy!

  • Expect to reminisce
    You’ll be seeing your university friends and tutors and it will be great to catch up about what you have been up to since student life stopped. Although it will have only been a few months, we’re sure you’ll have loads to update people on.
  • Expect to be a little¬†cold
    Our graduation ceremonies are in November and yes, it’s cold. We advise you to wrap up warm even though the gown is pretty thick and can shelter you from the winter weather. We don’t have a cloakroom at the City Hall but most graduates find that their family and friends can keep their coats safe for them whilst they have their moment.
  • Expect to be overwhelmed
    It’s a big deal! You’ve come to the end of your university journey (unless you want to stay with us!) and it can be hard to accept that your student life is over. Just remember that life as a graduate can be just as exciting as a student – plus you¬†probably don’t¬†have to worry about exams now!
  • Expect to have a selfie
    It’s inevitable – people are going to want to be taking photographs of you in your gown. Be prepared to be in the spotlight of your friends and family for a couple of hours whilst at the City Hall and on stage!
  • Expect to get some free stuff
    There are always deals on around the city centre for graduates whether it’s a discount off food or a free glass of bubbly; have a¬†Google and try to make the most of the freebies while you can.
  • Expect to shake some hands
    We try to get our Chancellor or Vice-Chancellor along to most ceremonies and you will have the chance to shake one of their hands on the day. We also tend to have the Dean of the Faculty on stage too to say congratulations.
  • Expect to have a fantastic, memorable day
    For many of you, this is the only time that you will graduate from university. So, enjoy seeing your friends, tutors and enjoy being able to celebrate all the hard work that you have put in for your degree.

The Graduation Team