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How it feels to be a graduate

by Rachel Measures.

Everything is finally complete – what a feeling! A feeling I’m sure many of you are getting now that the assignments and exams are getting

further and further behind you, and now that your results are coming through.

Last week I received my final results for my third year, and therefore the results for my entire degree! Finishing with a 1st overall, needless to say, I am overjoyed. Fingers crossed, a lot of you guys are too.

It’s definitely a relief after three years of hard work, stress and, let’s be real, tears – plus it means we can have a well-deserved rest.

This period of my university experience is certainly an odd one, and while I’m planning on going into a masters in September, with many of my friends sticking around in Sheffield too, the end of my degree has perhaps not sunk in as much as it should have.

I know a lot of you will now be feeling a mixture of emotions: relief and happiness, but also loss and sadness over your university experience coming to an end. Remember the cliché: don’t be sad that it’s over, be happy that it happened, because, for me at least, university is what has made me independent, allowed me to grow, helped me find new hobbies and opportunities, and given me a range of new friends.

So… it’s time for the next chapter of our lives. For me, this means that actually very little will be changing, as I said, I’m going to

do a masters here at Hallam but I’m looking forward to new adventures in Public Relations (instead of Media which I’ve studied for three years), I’m moving to a slightly different area of the city centre for the next year, and I’m going to be living with a new group of my closest friends.

It’s an exciting time, and while I wait for September to roll around, I’m working with the Events team doing a range of things for different conferences, events and, of course, graduation.

Let us know below how you’re feeling now that your degree is over, and what your plans are for the coming months.

Rachel and The Graduation Office