Working in the UK after studies

At this time of the year, you are probably thinking about your plans for finding a job after completing your studies. The following announcements are important for international students who wish to stay in the UK after graduating and want to find out about work visa rules.

Special Working in the UK after studies – internships

On Friday 7 April we hosted a fantastic event on the Tier 5 Government Authorised Exchange (GAE) visa scheme. The session was attended by over 50 international students. This visa scheme enables international graduates to work as interns in the UK after graduation.

The event featured Zenia Chopra from the company “Access Tier 5.” We also had a great talk by a SHU international graduate, Castor Merino. He shared his experiences of working in the UK under the Tier 5 GAE scheme and with a Tier 2 (General) visa.

The slides from “Access Tier 5” presentation are available here.

We filmed the event and we will update this post with a link to the film shortly.

Special Working in the UK after studies – Tier 2 (General)

When: 23 June  Time: 4-5.30pm Where: Adsetts 6620

This is a special and unique event focused specifically on the Tier 2 (General) work visa rules. Tier 2 (General) is one of the most popular visa categories for international graduates who wish to work full time.

We will concentrate specifically on the Tier 2 visa rules and explain eligibility rules. We will cover topics such as salary thresholds and eligible jobs. There will also be a Q&A session. We will also have SHU international graduates who have successfully got Tier 2 work visas. They will share their tips and experiences. You will have the opportunity to ask them any questions you may have.

This promises to be a popular event so book your place now!

Working in the UK after studies – All work visas

When: 31 May Time: 3-4pm Where: Owen 942

This is a presentation covering all the main types of work visas which are relevant for international graduates including: Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur, Tier 4 Doctorate Extension Scheme, Tier 2 (General), Tier 5 Youth Mobility, Tier 5 Government Authorised Exchange. It is relevant for international students who are currently here on Tier 4 visas and wish to learn more about the range of work visas available, and the eligibility criteria. The presentation will look at each visa criteria in detail and there will be time for a Q & A session at the end.

We will also launch our new online resource all about work visas! We will showcase the interactive materials, which includes case studies, videos and tips to maximise your success.

Book your place now