Study/work abroad

Sheffield Hallam University is committed to ensuring that all students engage with the world and broaden their horizons in order to develop the skills to work and live in culturally diverse and global communities. SHU GoGlobal is designed to foster and encourage international activities and outlook through promoting opportunities to work and study abroad, and inspiring Sheffield Hallam students to participate in projects at home which will boost your intercultural skills.

“The individual benefits gained from outward mobility opportunities are well-known. This experience enables young people to develop skills that will serve them for the rest of their life. They increase their language proficiency, adaptability, self-confidence and employability. They learn to stand on their own two feet and to live and work with people from another culture. In short, they open their minds”. Androulla Vassiliou, European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth

Studying and working abroad sharpens the creativity, cultural intelligence and problem solving skills necessary to compete in today’s culturally diverse global economy. But building cultural intelligence can be done through living and engaging in a multicultural environment.

SHU GoGlobal will connect you with a network of other projects, tell you about the opportunities available, enable you to see what you can achieve and help you develop important attributes of a globally competent student which employers value. These include:

  • A diverse and knowledgeable worldview
  • Comprehension of the international dimensions of your major field of study
  • Ability to communicate effectively in another language and/or cross-culturally
  • Cross-cultural sensitivity and adaptability