Cultural Evening and Social at Kelham Island

Kelham Island Museum

In keeping with the traditions of the Global Brand Conference, the 15th edition will feature a cultural evening and social event on the first evening (Tuesday 13th May 2020). It will be held at Kelham Island, the heart of Sheffield’s industrial heritage and now a symbol of transformative change within the city.

Kelham Island – transformative change

Manmade Kelham Island was formed in the 1100s, when a stream was diverted to power a nearby mill. Now that much of the industrial activity has moved on, the area has been transformed into one of the most exciting parts of Sheffield’s urban landscape.

One of the few remaining revolutionary Bessemer Converters in the world

The remains of the numerous cutlery and steel works, factories and workshops gives the area its distinct charm. Nowadays these buildings morph into houses, independent shops, microbreweries and galleries.


With its iconic Bessemer Converter and Europe’s largest working steam engine, Kelham Island Museum stands a proud reminder of Sheffield’s industrial steel city heritage.

Sheffield’s proud history of beer goes hand in hand with its industry. Small but numerous breweries formed during the industrial revolution, providing refreshment to men in factories. So it’s not surprising that Kelham Island has long been at the forefront of Sheffield’s brewing reputation. It has become a mecca for renowned real ale pubs such as the Kelham Island TavernThe Fat CatThe Riverside and Gardener’s Rest.

Alongside great beer, great food has also become a staple of the area. Peddler, a monthly street food night market runs in a warehouse, while restaurants such as Jöro (housed in a shipping container) and The Milestone offer some of the most innovative menus in the city. The Cutlery Works is the largest independent food hall in Northern England, housing many food/drink outlets and semi-permanent pop-ups, to offer a unique dining experience.

Delegates will spend time enjoying a Kelham Island welcome during the Global Brand Conference. We look forward to seeing you there!

The River Don Engine – at 12,000hp it’s the most powerful working steam engine in Europe

Content for this post has been adapted from adapted from Welcome to Sheffield