We have been made aware the Arundel Gate has been closed off, due to a report of cladding falling from St Paul’s Tower.

Staff and students are advised to use the alternative entrance within the car park area to the rear of the building. Temporary signage has been fitted and the door access control has been changed to allow student access.

The works are expected to be complete by mid-afternoon but this has yet to be confirmed. We will keep you up to date of any new information.

Muster points access: in case of emergency

The two muster points for Stoddart Building are in front of Charles Street Building and at the top Howard Street. In the case of an emergency staff and students are advised to make their way to these two points via the rear exit in the car park. If this is not safe/suitable you will can gain pedestrian access to Arundel Gate through the front entrance, you will be supported to do this by members of the Estates Team or Amey who are currently on site.