We would like to reassure staff that following the fire at Grenfell Tower, the University has reviewed our tallest two buildings, Owen and Norfolk; we can confirm that neither building has Reynobond (PE) Polyethylene cladding, which was used in Grenfell Tower. We are checking all of our buildings at this time, however we do not believe we have this product on any of the buildings in our estate.

We take the safety of our estate extremely seriously and as part of this we are continually assessing the risks associated with all of our buildings. We were in the process of reviewing our fire risks before the Grenfell incident and have now accelerated this work to determine whether there are any more measures we can take to make our buildings even safer.

While we do not own student accommodation, the University has also undertaken a survey with all our partner providers regarding their buildings, cladding and fire safety. All of them go through rigorous tests and have affiliation to either HMO (SCC), ANUK or UUK codes for Student Accommodation which have regular inspections.

Fire marshals have a key role in supporting fire arrangements across the University.  One of the ways you can help is to volunteer to be a fire marshal for your area.

All staff can help by being vigilant in terms of common fire safety hazards such as poor housekeeping, blocked fire exits/corridors and fire doors being wedged/propped open.  Also, please ensure that you are aware of all fire exit routes and where your building fire assembly point is.