• Work begins on the EMB lift on 26 June – due for completion w/c 11 September.
  • Lift number 19 (which is the only lift in EMB) will be refurbished and will be out of use for the duration of the work.
  • For those needing disabled or delivery access to  different levels in EMB the following is a quick guide:
    1. Access level 0 – Use the Sheaf lift (number 44 or 45) to get to level 0 in Sheaf and then take the new corridor, installed as part of the STEM project, to level 0 of EMB
    2. Access level 1 – Use the lift in Sheaf to get to level 1 in Sheaf then walk through the Hertha Ayrton Atrium.
    3. Access level 2 (Chemistry Labs) – Use the disabled access  lift (number 121)in the Hertha Ayrton Atrium to gain access to the raised area then use lift number 120 to take you to level 2 and access the Chemistry labs.
  • Signage will be in place later this week to redirect customers. Students needing help can go to the Sheaf Helpdesk for information.
  • For the duration of the exam period (starting 10 July) we will be putting in place alternative access to Eric Mensforth – further information will follow on this.