Work has now begun on phase 4 of the STEM project, taking in areas of Sheaf Level 0 and EMB Level 0. This work, which will run until February 2017,  will include breaking through between Sheaf and EMB to create a physical link between the two buildings, remodelling some classroom spaces, redefining escape routes and creating a new delivery entrance and loading bay. Demolition has begun this week in EMB, alongside work in Sheaf 4006, 4007, 4009 and 4019. Refurbishment of the engineering lab in Sheaf 4014 has already begun and will continue through to the end of the year.

As this work is taking place in close proximity to ongoing teaching activities there will inevitably be some periods of noise disturbance over the next few months. As always, we are working with the contractors to mitigate this as far as possible and have already agreed that some of the noisier works, including saw cutting and drilling, will take place outside normal teaching hours. But we will continue to monitor this and respond to particular issues if they arise.

In the atrium, new flooring is currently being applied on the landing and stairs and old screed is being taken out of other areas ready to be replaced. This is planned to begin next week and will take about three weeks to complete. As this will need to be given time to set and settle, activity in this area will be kept to a minimum and noise disturbance from this area should be reduced for a time.

Cladding is being fixed externally and the new walkway across the bridge between Sheaf and Surrey is going in. The scaffolding currently erected around Sheaf, which has been used as part of the guttering works, will also be coming down this month.

Contractors Houlton’s will be carrying out some weekend working between now and the end of the year to complete some of the more complex and disruptive works within Sheaf and EMB. We are liaising closely with them to ensure that this will not adversely impact on the forthcoming open days on 12 November and 4 December.

Finally, there will be a full power shutdown in EMB from the evening of Friday 16 December until Sunday 18 December as part of the STEM works. There will be no access to the building during that weekend and there is a possibility this could also affect the network in Sheaf.