The work on Sheaf and EMB continues to progress really well ahead of next spring’s planned completion date. The majority of significantly disruptive, high risk works have been completed and towards the end of the year we will begin to move into final finishing and cosmetic works, although some periods of disturbance should still be expected through to the end of the project.

All glazing has been installed in the new atrium, and the revolving doors are due to be installed soon, although these will be blocked for now. This will reduce some of the chill in this area, which should in turn have a positive impact on temperatures in the adjoining rooms in both Sheaf and EMB. The underfloor heating within the atrium will be turned on in around mid-December and will be increased gradually, which will also help bring up temperatures for staff and students working in areas close to the new space.

The pouring of screed for the new atrium floor is planned to begin next week. This will take in two pours, each taking a couple of days, and should be completed in about three weeks -including time for the screed to set and settle. This will be monitored throughout the process to ensure it progresses as planned and any minor issues dealt with. Activity in this area will be kept to a minimum and noise disturbance from this area should be reduced for a time.

The new chemistry lab will be handed over to the University on 5 December. Further work on phase 4 of the project, taking in rooms 4030 and 4001 is also due to begin early next month although the goods route will remain available until January. There will be more details of this phase of work in the next update.

As the project draws to a close, we are working with the contractors to offer a number of tours to faculty staff in the new year. Dates will be confirmed and circulated in December, but it will provide colleagues with an opportunity to have a sneak peak at the new atrium as it nears completion. This is in addition to activity to mark the official opening of the space later in the year.

Thank you.