Remedial work on the glazing around the Charles Street atrium and some other outstanding works will begin next Monday (8 August) until 18 August. Charles Street will remain open to staff and students during this time, with the same opening hours of 7.30am to 9.00pm. But to ensure the work can progress safely the entrances from Arundel Gate and Eyre Lane, and the right of way along Brown Lane, will be completely closed off and there will be no route between the two sides of the building through the atrium.

The Stoddart side of the building, known as core 1 (where the main reception is housed) will be open and accessible as normal via the entrance on Charles Street itself. Access to the Clay Lane side of the building (where the lecture theatre is) – core 2 – will be made accessible via the fire escape doors on Clay Lane. (See floor plan here for details). The bridge links across Brown Lane at all levels will also be closed with barriers and should not be used in any circumstance, other than fire evacuation. Staff needing to access the other side of Charles Street will need to exit and re-enter the building at the designated access points. The list here provides information about the locations of rooms within core 1 and core 2.

All planned teaching has been moved out of Charles Street during the works, as have bookings for University meeting rooms. However meeting room bookings for staff within Charles Street have been maintained. The main reception will be staffed during the work to assist students, staff and visitors  and the Sheffield Institute of Education Helpdesk on level 1 will remain open and operate as normal. However the Charles Street catering outlet will be closed for the duration of the works. The nearest alternative University outlet is Chef Hallam, on level 6 of Owen Building.

Fire exit routes will remain available and will be fully signed, as will the temporary access to the Clay Lane side of the building.

The work will also require Eyre Lane to be closed for some periods, as determined by the contractor. At the moment we are expecting this to be 10-11 August, and 15-18 August but this is subject to change.  Access to parking behind Arundel will still be possible via Brown Lane or alternative disabled parking is available in Stoddart. The Charles Street work should have no impact on Arundel operations and accessibility.

In agreement with the contractors, work will finish on Thursday 18 August and the building will be operating normally by Saturday 20 August.

Facilities has worked with the contractor to ensure this necessary work could be carried out over the summer to minimise the disruption to staff and students. However we do apologise for any inconvenience or disturbance it may cause.