Work has begun this week on demolishing the stairs on level 2 of EMB. Due to the unavoidable level of noise disruption this will cause, work will not begin until around 5.30pm-6.00pm each day and will continue until around 2.00am. There will still be some noise in this area during the day as contractors remove debris, and timetabling have moved as much scheduled activity out of these rooms as possible to minimise the disruption. However the area has not been taken out of use so staff and students should be mindful of loud works after 5.30pm. These works are scheduled to last three weeks and should be completed before the Easter break.

There has also been some significant noise disruption caused by works to demolish the lift shaft in EMB. Although it is inevitable in a project this size that there will be periods of disturbance,  I’m pleased to say that this significant piece of demolition has now been completed.

Also complete on EMB level 2 is the asbestos removal, which was finished at the end of February without any further major issues being discovered. The internal soft strip of this floor is now almost completed.

On Sheaf level 2, the finals bits of decorating and other finishing works are ongoing prior to the partial handover of the floor in the next couple of weeks. The remaining spaces will be handed back to the University in April ready to begin teaching in that area towards the end of that month. Work to create a temporary professional services office and helpdesk is currently taking place on Sheaf level 0 with relocation of staff to that area taking place around Easter. This is the first stage of clearing Sheaf level 1 ready for hand over to the contractor in May 2016 through to early next year.

Work also continues on the new Atrium, with the demolition of the steps leading to Pond Street scheduled to take place during the forthcoming Easter break.

Another piece of good news is the result of recent visit by representatives of the Health and Safety Executive. The team was on site as part of their regular checks and the inspection went very well, with only a handful of minor items raised. Preparation for the arrival of the tower crane, which will be sited on the old NMB, is also underway with a concrete base being constructed ready for the installation of the crane itself in April.

The estates team continues to work closely with the faculty, timetabling and the contractors to mitigate disruption as much as possible during this project.