The refurbishment of those areas of Sheaf level 3 which was planned as part of phase one of the STEM project has been successfully completed. The whole floor was handed back to the University last week, and we have now taken back responsibility for ongoing maintenance, cleaning and security of this level. Staff have begun to move back into level 3 ahead of the start of teaching on Monday 18 January.

Sheaf level 3 is also being used as the decant space for staff moving out of EMB level 2 during the refurbishment of areas on that floor, and these moves are ongoing. This will allow the contractors to begin stripping EMB level 2. Initially this work will be restricted to removing walls, ceilings and lighting which is expected to cause minimal disruption to those in the building. The lift in EMB will also be locked off so that staff and students will not be able to access level 2 from that route during the refurbishment. Sheaf level 3 will also be used to decant staff from Sheaf 1 during phase 3 of the project, to allow for refurbishment of that floor.

Work continues on phase 2 of the project. Over the coming weeks data installation will be completed on Sheaf level 2, mechanical and engineering works will continue, and walls will be plastered and decorated. Work on removing the stairs on Sheaf concourse is also being planned, and a demolition test will be carried out to predetermine the noise, vibration and  dust levels associated with this work and how disruption might be mitigated. This test will take place outside usual working hours to minimise the impact on staff and students.

Steelworks are also being installed in the Atrium which will involve welding and working with hot metal. This will be carried out under a safe system of works, with all safety considerations and risk mitigation taken into account. However there is a possibility that some staff and students will be aware of a smell of burning during these works.

Finally the work to contain water leaks caused by the heavy rain has been largely successful. Despite the weather there were no major leaks over Christmas and the new year and all machinery which had been protected was undamaged. Improvements to the temporary entrances to Sheaf and EMB, to prevent the doors from slamming and keep out any bad weather, have not yet been made but will be completed in the next few weeks.