As you’ll be aware, work is underway to deliver £11m of improvements in Sheaf and Eric Mensforth Building (EMB). This investment in the future of science and engineering will provide, from 2017, the very best in learning and teaching spaces, alongside a striking new atrium which will create an impressive entranceway to the University’s City Campus.

Other improvements to Sheaf and EMB include the creation of collaborative spaces and social learning areas; a cutting-edge chemistry lab; modern engineering spaces; a publicly-accessible environment; and improved facilities throughout both buildings. We have recently updated the hoardings around the site to provide more information on the works to our staff, students and passers-by.

To date, temporary entrances have been put in place for Sheaf and EMB, and staff and facilities have already moved out of Sheaf level 3 to enable works. The change in access points to Sheaf and EMB has impacted on the escape routes and fire assembly points. More information can be found on the Future Spaces blog.

The next phase of work will entail decanting staff and resources from Sheaf level 2 in readiness for the handover to the building contractors; we are also decanting staff from EMB 2 to allow the refurbishment of this area as a chemistry laboratory. Colleagues in the faculty have been involved in discussions around the schedule for remaining staff and resource moves from Sheaf level 2 and EMB level 2.

Work is already taking place on Sheaf level 3, where the strip out is nearly complete. This week, we’ll be starting work on the fit out and building new walls. Where any offices or other spaces below (on level 2) are still occupied, the contractors will try and phase work to minimise disruption.

Work commences today on demolition of the entrance of Sheaf. This will be done by hand and steps are being taken to minimise disruption by keeping the works self-contained with an insulated barrier. It is possible, however, that there may be some reverberation noise.

Temporary scaffolding is being erected to fix some leaking gutters on Sheaf building; you should expect to see scaffolding on the Pond Street footway for a month or so, though the footway will remain useable.

From next Monday (w/c 26 October), temporary scaffolding and waterproof covering for this will be installed over the roof of Sheaf level 2 so that the roof can be removed ready for the atrium connection.

Materials will be removed from the atrium area via a chute to an external skip located in Sheaf delivery yard. This will cause some disruption, including dust plumes. Staff are asked to please not access Sheaf near the skip.

Finally, installation of an accessible, slip-resistant ramp into EMB starts next week, with the ramp remaining in use throughout the project.

As part of this project, there is the need to reconfigure part of the Aspect Court teaching facilities. From 6pm on Tuesday, 20 October, the open access PC area on level 1 will no longer be available for staff or student use as essential works are being undertaken to convert this area into a new teaching space. In addition, room 15102 Aspect Court will no longer be a classroom from Monday, 2 November 2015. We are working with Timetabling to relocate activity that has already been booked in this space. If you have any queries, please contact Brian Badger from the Estates team.

Although students will be receiving information via Blackboard, please take any available opportunities to talk to students face-to-face about developments and encourage them to check their timetables for updates.

Thank you for your patience during this period.