As the main concourse between the Sheaf and Eric Mensforth buildings and access to the main entrances has been blocked off, fire escape routes and assembly points have been updated.

If you are a fire marshal please direct people to the new Fire Assembly Points.  A list of ACES buildings evacuation points is also available.

Sheaf has a temporary main entrance on level 0 which can be accessed via stairs from Pond Street or gates from Sheaf Street.  EMB has a temporary main entrance at level 1 opposite the bus station with a temporary ramp to allow access for wheelchairs.

As there is no access to the concourse from Sheaf, signage directs people to the rear staircase leading to the temporary entrance. This forms the main exit route. The other staircases can still be used, however, you will need to exit the stairs at level 0 and pass through the atrium to reach the main exit.

For levels 2 and 3, signage directs people to the external catwalk on the side of the building overlooking the old Nelson Mandela site. This catwalk provides direct access to stairs leading down to the temporary main entrance. Other alternatives are the loading bay, which will still be available for level 0, and the small staircase serving level 0 and basement level, leading to the exit onto Pond Street opposite the Surrey building.

EMB level 3 will be a construction site and the main entrance will be unavailable. However, all fire exits other than those onto the concourse will remain available. Internal signage will be changed to reflect this.

Any lecturer in charge of students is responsible for ensuring a safe evacuation in an alarm situation.  Please be aware that there are no exits onto the concourse.  Look for the green exit signs, and follow them.  They have been altered to reflect the changed building layout and available exits, and to direct people efficiently to a safe route of escape.