As part of the University’s commitment to creating a sustainable estate the two-year project to refurbish the main lifts in the Owen Building has now come to an end.  The new lifts will provide reliable, quicker journeys and will reduce our carbon footprint by saving around 40% more energy than standard lifts.

A new ‘Hall Call’ console system is now in place which will assign each user a lift based on the floor they select to reduce waiting times. This new system will not require floor buttons inside cars.  You enter your required floor destination on the console outside, and the system works out the nearest and quickest lift to take you to your floor  (click on the image below to enlarge).

Partially sighted and blind people can press an audio button which will provide verbal instruction and confirmation. To assist wheelchair users, longer door opening times have been introduced to allow extra time to access the cars.

No destination selection is possible from within the lift.  If you get in a lift and haven’t pressed the button outside the solution is to get out at the next available floor, select your destination floor on the console outside the lift then wait for your assigned lift.


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