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an image of people working around a table with a powerpoint presentation on the wall screenOn Wednesday 8th March our Sheffield Hallam Appetite REsearch (SHARe) sub-cluster met for a ‘Complete and Finish’ event here at SHU.  Attendees included SHARe co-leads Jenny Paxman and Dr Jordan Beaumont and other SHARe founders and steering group members: Dr Caroline Dalton, Dr Rachel Marsden, Dr Steve Brown.  We also welcomed Food and Nutrition GTA Megan Flint, Food and Nutrition Lecturer Dr Richard Gillis and Elizabeth Goodwin from Leeds Trinity University.  We were brilliantly supported for this event by Food and Nutrition Student Champion Millie-Ann Hall.

SHARe is a sub-cluster of engaged academics, PGRs and associates who have a keen interest in eating behaviours, the hedonics of food and feeding, obesity and weight management or sensory analysis.  This is by no means an exhaustive list – we are a really inclusive group welcoming anyone with shared research passions or something to offer in any field affiliated to appetite.  SHARe sits within the CHEFS research cluster (along with sister sub-clusters SWEFS (Surplus Waste and Excess Food in Society) and CHEFS (Culture, Health, Environment, Food and Society)).  You can find out more or sign-up to SHARe, and CHEFS here.

The purpose of the event was to Shape, Sharpen and SHARe (get it?) our appetite-related research ideas.  Getting to know others who are active in our field is a brilliant way to progress any project.  For SHARe, this event helped us to identify:

  • the overarching state of current projects;
  • our own nature, both as individuals and as researchers.

Research idea generation; Project design; Funding ideas; Target journal suggestions; CPD and support needs
Poster design/content; Abstract drafts; Conference presentations; Planned publications; Pilot questionnaires;
Recruitment material; Interview schedules
Research ideas; Collaborations; Potential examiners; Potential reviewers; Copies of work; Present

In the room there were varying degrees of familiarity.  Some had long-standing working relationships or had previously collaborated; others were meeting for the first time.  We all learnt something new about each other and our areas of interest and expertise.

As a group we cover all bases:

screenshot of Venn diagram of sharers, shapers, sharpeners

However, in terms of our research projects, individual’s projects may be at different stages but we are each most in need of shaping support.

screenshot of venn diagram of share input, shape input, sharpen input

Drilling down what this meant to attendees, it meant:

  • getting projects up and running;
  • finding and connecting with collaborators;
  • looking for concept or pilot project ‘adopters’;
  • seeking out funding opportunities;
  • getting back on the research horse.

We left feeling enthused and perhaps even a little clearer about next steps.  Some left with new connections, plans to meet, show-rounds to schedule and even specific projects to reignite!  Exciting times for SHARe.

Of course, it doesn’t end there.  As a sub-cluster we benefit from monthly CHEFS newsletters (‘What’s Cooking?’) with the associated opportunities to write and publish blog-pieces, search out conferences, explore calls for abstracts, find funding opportunities and to come together as researchers to enjoy the regular CHEFS talks.  SHARe will be hosting a CHEFS Talk on Tuesday 13th June 2023 15:00-16:30 with talks from Dr Miriam Clegg (University of Reading) and Dr Jordan Beaumont (Sheffield Hallam University).  Sign up here.  We can’t wait to see you there!

If you aren’t already a member you can join SHARe by clicking






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