CHEFS, the Culture, Health, Environment, Food and Society research cluster, is a diverse group, reflecting our broad-ranging, multi-disciplinary interests in the socio-cultural dimensions of food and drink. Feel free to get in touch!

Dr Alisha Ali, Sheffield Business School (sustainability; CSR; regeneration; innovation; ICTs)

Elpida Apostolopoulou, Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research  (just transitions; SMEs; agri-food supply chain; decarbonisation; energy transitions; sustainability; place-based policy)

Dr Jordan Beaumont, Sheffield Business School (obesity and weight management; hedonic appetite; eating behaviour; neuromodulation)

Dr Paul Beresford, Sheffield Business School (cultural branding; identity; cultural marketing; brand stigma and legitimacy)

Nikita Bridgeman, Sheffield Business School (food choice, culture, food waste, social media) – email

Dr Steven Brown, Senior Lecturer in Psychology (eating behaviour, food choice, portion size, neophobia).

Dr Wei ChenSheffield Business School, Department of Service Sector Management (international hospitality; culture; China; entrepreneurship; food and beverage)

Dr Punita Chowbey, College of Health, Wellbeing and Life Sciences (gender and household food practices; healthy eating; ethnicity, social class and food practices and food allergies)

Rachael Colley, Faculty of Science, Technology, and Arts, Sheffield Institute of Arts and Art and Design Research Centre (food; food waste; jewellery; metalwork; sustainable/circular design)

Dr Caroline Dalton, Reader in Neuroscience and Genetics (neurobiology of appetite, pharmacogenetics, weight management).

Dr Dianne Dean, Sheffield Business School, Department of Management (politics and food; family relationships; food and family; informal care; food and health)

Dr Katie Dunn, Sheffield Business School, Department of Management (corporate social responsibility; social media; food and health; consumer perceptions; sustainable consumption)

Dr John Dunning, Sheffield Business School, Department of Service Sector Management (wine; restaurants and dining; food and culinary; professionalism; hospitality)

Dr Ian Elsmore, Sheffield Business School, Department of Service Sector Management (place; servicescapes; culture; sustainability; supply chains)

Megan Flint, Sheffield Business School (plant-based convenience foods; consumer perceptions; appetite regulation; public health)

Mark Godson, Sheffield Business School

Catherine Homer, Research Fellow (public health response to obesity, bariatric surgery)

Fawad Hussain, Associate Lecturer & Doctoral Researcher, Sheffield Business School (British South Asians & Food Behaviours, Food & Diabetes Development, Food & Cultural attitudes, Food and Family, Lived Experiences)

Dr Daniel Kelly, Lecturer in Biochemistry (testosterone in health and disease, diabetes, heart disease, skeletal muscle).

Dr Kim Lawson, Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology (role of nutrition and diet in the management of fibromyalgia).

Dr Tony Lynn, Principal Lecturer in Nutrition (plant foods and their constituents, particularly polyphenols, for health and exercise performance)

Dr Rachel Marsden, Senior Lecturer in Psychology (eating behaviours, cognition, sensory processing, stress, exercise, and family meals)

Dr Caroline Millman, Sheffield Business School (food safety; risk perceptions; food safety education; food safety awareness; Campylobacter reduction strategies)

Dr Cecile Morris, Sheffield Business School (sensory science; food perception; consumer attitudes and behaviours; health; food science)

Dr Anna Myers, Researcher in Physical Activity and Health (role of exercise in appetite control, energy balance and weight management).

Karimi Ndeke, Sheffield Business School, Department of Service Sector Management (food service small and medium enterprise; food and sustainability; food and consumer choices)

Peter Nelson, Faculty of Health and Wellbeing, Department of Social Work Social Care and Community Studies (childhood obesity; alcohol; child protection; public health; social care)

Jenny Paxman, Subject Group Leader, Food and Nutrition (obesity, weight management, dietary fibre, and appetite regulation).

Dr Alison Purvis, Deputy Head, Academy of Sport and Physical Activity (physiology of metabolism, therapeutic fasting, ketogenic diets)

Dr Rachel Rundle, Sheffield Business School, Food and Nutrition (public health; behaviour change; maternal, infant and adolescent nutrition; food poverty)

Dr Heather Semper, Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities, Department of Psychology, Sociology & Politics (eating behaviour and weight management; obesity and self regulation; technology and diet; food allergy and self-management)

Professor Jennifer Smith Maguire, Sheffield Business School (provenance; wine; cultural legitimacy; cultural intermediaries; cultural production and sustainability)

Dr Richard Telling, Sheffield Business School, Department of Service Sector Management (food symbolism; cultural identity; family relationships)

Caroline Westwood, Sheffield Business School (event design and experience; agricultural events; authenticity; rurality; provenance)