Reporting/Timings Schedule to July 2019

Reporting Timings

The timings for each stage of the Building a Great University (BAGU) reporting requirements for the remainder of the 2018-19 academic year are provided.  If you have any queries please contact ! Portfolio Co-ordination.

Requirements / Timings March April May June July
Initiative and Work stream Reports submitted to:
! Portfolio Co-ordination and Alison Hill, Head of Operations, VC Office – COO
Fri 1 Fri 29 Mar Fri 26 Apr Fri 31 May Fri 28 Jun
Aggregation into Pillar Board Report (PBR) by Stategic Portfolio and Business Change (SPBC) Mon 4 Mon 1 Mon 29 Apr Mon 3 Mon 1
Circulation of Pillar Board Reports to Board Members Fri 8 Fri 5 Fri 3 Fri 7 Fri 5
Board Meeting (BAGU meets monthly) Tue 12 Tue 9 Tue 7 Tue 11 Tue 9
PBR Consolidation by Strategic Planning and Intelligence (SPI) into University Performance Report (UPR) Thu 14 Thu 11 Thu 9 Thu 13 Thu 11
University Leadership Team (ULT) Meeting Tue 19 Tue 16 Tue 14 Tue 18 Tue 16

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