Our success depends on our professionalism and quality right across the organisation. Our commitment is that we will provide an outstanding environment in which to study, research and work.

Our aims:

  • We will be innovative and open to new organisational arrangements which enable us to respond quickly to new opportunities which help us to realise our goals.
  • We will reduce complexity, allowing staff to concentrate on securing excellence consistently across the University.
  • We will attract and retain the best people, embracing diversity and creating an exciting workplace of shared expertise.
  • We will build stronger links between academic work and professional practice, recognising that we all contribute to our success as a university. And we will operate sustainably, investing in realising our goals and considering the long term in all our decisions.

These are ambitious aims. Realising them will be demanding. It is our aim to be the world’s leading applied university – rising to the challenges of the twenty-first century.

Work streams

There are a number of university-wide projects that sit within the Building a Great University (BAGU) pillar. Click on the boxes below to find out more about each work stream.

You can read further detail about this area of work in the Creating Knowledge Implementation Plan – June 2018