Report Templates

Report Templates

The Templates are specific to each board.  The Building a Great University templates are available below.

By using these links provided each time a template is needed, you have access to the most up to date versions.  Amendments will be kept to the very minimum but are sometimes unavoidable due to a need for certain information.

Please be careful to ensure you don’t save your completed reports over the templates as this will impede future use by all SROs and yourself.

Initiative Report Template

Key Points to consider when completing the Initiative / Work steam Reports

  • More granular level of detail to enable monitoring of operational activities against plan
  • Escalation of operational risks and issues
  • Monitoring the impact the change will have
  • Monitoring spend against budget
  • Email completed reports to ! Portfolio Co-ordination and Jo Solecki

Work Stream Report Template

The Initiative and Work stream reports are aggregated into Pillar Board Reports by Strategic Portfolio and Business Change (SPBC) including the adding of Financials.

Pillar Board Report Template (for information only)

Key Points considered by SPBC when aggregating the PBRs

  • Summary of Initiative taken from ‘Overall progress and impact” top box on Initiative Report
  • Reporting of exceptions against planned activities
  • Any evidence of the impact that the change will have towards overall target (early indicators, proxy indicators etc
  • Risks and issues that cannot be managed at an operational level
  • Performance against budget

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