16 June 2017

Key discussion points and outcomes


PSOM – current state report
Libby Wilson, PSOM Project Director, presented an overview of the report and highlighted that the information therein continues to be being refined as stakeholder engagement activity takes place. The Board provided feedback and made some recommendations for the project team to consider. Board members were asked to signpost staff to the PSOM intranet page for ongoing updates and forthcoming FAQs, and also contact Libby with any requests to brief specific staff groups.

Hallam Deal – plan and priorities
Richard Calvert, Chief Operating Officer and Board Chair, gave an overview of the draft workplan and invited comments from the Board. Phil Dixon, Director of Human Resources, has been asked to submit a mandate detailing the aims of the planned activities and describe the future state to the next meeting. Further details will be shared following forthcoming meetings.

University Environmental Policy and plan
Both of the above items were approved by the Board and are now awaiting final approval from the Vice-Chancellor. Both the updated Policy and plan will be available here by the end of June.

Pillar Board KPIs
Tom Russell, Head of Strategic Planning and Intelligence, proposed a number of Board-specific KPIs and asked for feedback. The revised KPIs are to be shared at the next Board meeting.


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Record of the meeting on 2 May 2017
  3. Governance – Pillar Board and INVIC relationship
  4. Professional and Support Services Operating Model (PSOM) project – current state report
  5. Hallam Deal – plan and priorities
  6. University Environmental Policy and Plan
  7. Pillar Board key performance indicators (KPIs)
  8. AOB


Richard Calvert (Chair) , Karen Bryan, Tony Clark, Sital Dhillon, Leon Etherington, Deborah Harry, Wayne Keating, John Leach,  Justine Pedler, Jo Solecki, Mark Swales, Dan Ladbury, Nuala Devlin, Sally Wade, Debbie Squire (Secretary) and guests presenting items.