16 January 2018

Key discussion points and outcomes


Committee Reports
Eqaulity and Diversity – launch of objectives scheduled for 13 February 2018. The University has committed us to the Race Equality Charter.

Present Masterplan and Phasing
Dan Ladbury presented the proposed masterplan and phasing for the next 5 years and what the high level phasing of the masterplan would involve. The Board were asked for feedback and agreement for the first phase including project sequencing.

Dan shared the proposed communications approach to the masterplan including the website

The Board endorsed the approach ensuring the risks and related actions raised were incorporated into the Business Case.

Campus Services Implementation Plan
The Board received the Campus Services Implementation Plan. BaGU will be the key governance mechanism for monitoring and as such reporting will be through BaGU.

Organisational Culture Change
Linda Mason briefed the Board on the proposed approach – which received endorsement from the Board. Following discussion on the approach the Board requested that this piece of work is given the right amount of time to get right and long term maintenance as well as initial change needs to be factored in.

Safeguarding Policy
The Chair introduced the policy on Martin Conway’s behalf. The policy was approved subject to minor modifications discussed by the Board.


  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Record of the meeting on 12 December 2017
  3. Committee Reports
    1. INVIC
    2. Equality & Diversity
    3. ICC
    4. Health, Safety & Wellbeing
  4. Monthly Performance Report
  5. Application Strategy Road Map (deferred to February Meeting)
    1. Present Masterplan and Phasing
    2. Campus Services Implementation Plan
  6. PSOM
  7. Organisational Culture Change
  8. Safeguarding Policy
  9. AOB


Richard Calvert – Chair, Helen Best, Tony Clark, Nuala Devlin, Deborah Harry, Sally Jackson, Wayne Keating, John Leach,  Eileen McAuliffe, Justine Pedler, Jo Solecki,  Debbie Stevens, Mark Swales, Sally Wade, Libby Wilson, Rachel Parnham – Interim Secretary. and guests presenting items.