Afternoon Workshops

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Amy HaywardNo Guts No Glory: Seeding a digital culture of social media in institutions
Amy Hayward @amykinshay – University of Aberdeen  

Overcoming the challenges of infrastructure, policy, and guidance in an educational setting first require embedding a digital culture within an institution. This session will explore solutions to challenges, focusing on laying the foundations for frameworks in social media.

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millerCollaborative Learning Wheels: Collaborative pedagogical development using social media crowd-sourcing

Deborah Miller @DebMillar24 – Blackburn College

Learning Wheels are a simple graphic device to help bridge the gap between traditional teaching methods and contemporary digital learning content and resources. They guide staff through digital technologies by linking platforms, apps and web content to learning delivery.
The wheels are based on a developing pedagogy that takes into account four models of student engagement and three modes of delivery.

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Applying critical digital literacy to social media practice

Juliet Hinrichsen @juliet_hin – Sheffield Hallam University and Antony Coombes – University of Greenwich 

This workshop addresses two particular challenges:
1) raising awareness of and mitigating reputational and other risks
2) facilitating and developing a theorised, tested approach to developing the practice of academic staff.
Participation in the workshop will enable delegates to use the tools demonstrated, acting as facilitators with various stakeholder groups in their own institutions.

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veronica spowartConnecting students to the world of work and so enhance their engagement with learning through the use of social media

Veronica Spowart, Kris Coats and Leo Morantes-Africano – New College Durham

To provide a detailed plan to improve student engagement through the use of social media. With the objectives of:
– Safely set up social media for student group use
– Initiate and improve student confidence using social media with external dimensions
– Getting alumni and employer buy-in
Providing inspired engagement through interaction with alumni and employers.

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lumsdenEstablishing Learning Communities: A Google+ Experience

Peter Lumsden @PLumsden, Karl Lester @karlrlester and Mark Wallwork – University of Central Lancashire

Illustrate benefits and challenges of using Google+ as a platform for discussion activities. Give an analysis of its usage by students in three different settings at UCLan; patterns of usage, effectiveness in forming learning communities; provide hands-on experience of using Google+ as part of a learning community.

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Karl Lester’s presentation | Mark Wallwork’s presentation

How learners on an English Literature MOOC prompted academics to engage in social media in a way they never had before

Layla Croll @LaylaYAY and Dr Adam Smith @elementaladam  – University of Sheffield

Discover how The University of Sheffield School of English used social media to respond to an active community of learners, crowd sourcing additional material to expand and enrich the learning experience.

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Kandy WoodfieldIn it for the long term – evolving your community of practice over time: learning from the New Social Media, New Social Science network (#NSMNSS)

Kandy Woodfield @jess1ecat and Curtis Jessop @CurtisJessop – Higher Education Academy

An interactive session during which you can learn how to keep your online community of practice energised over time and consider ways to avoid potential pitfalls. We’ll draw on your own experiences and those of our #NSMNSS network to co-create a set of top tips for community resilience. We’ll provide guidance and resource links for building, nurturing and sustaining your online learning communities.

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From High Noon to Midnight: social media in HE: should universities provide advice or allow open evolution of social media in teaching?

Hilary Cunliffe-Charlesworth @hilary_cunliffe and Chris Hall @goldblach – Sheffield Hallam University

While the use of social media in the HE is encouraged to what extent does a university communications strategy constrain or a signpost the continuum of change and ethical considerations?

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