Collaborative Learning Wheels: collaborative pedagogical development using social media crowd-sourcing

Deborah Miller @DebMillar24 – Blackburn College

5m – Introduction/Welcome.

15m – Introduction to Learning Wheels via a PREZI-tation. Overview and purpose.

10m – Prep for activity.

  1. @DebMillar24 to send Call4Collaboration #LearningWheel tweet including a link to access blank document in Google Drive.
  2. Audience to retweet Call4Collaboration #LearningWheel to their networks to encourage further awareness and participation.
  3. Google Drive blank Doc to be displayed on a large screen for all to view number of viewers/collaborators in document at one time (to illustrate the power of chosen digital resources)
  4. Announce subject of the session – RESEARCH METHODS.
  5. Reinforce 4 modes of engagement focus. Warn about word limitation, clear, concise, simple to understand.

20m – Working in physical groups/or individuals – alongside virtual collaborators

  1. Add spokes to the Research Methods LearningWheel – e.g. suggestions of OERs/DRs used specifically for engaging those involved in research. Methods of adding content to include:
    1. Via Google Drive/Docs app
    2. Via Tweet
    3. Via Post It notes

10m – Review/refine suggestion ‘spokes’

Post session… A Research methods Learning Wheel artefact will be generated. Distribution method via Twitter incl. #SocMedHE15. All contributors credited. For use by all.