Staff – you need to take action this month if you use TurningPoint in your teaching

December 12th, 2017 | Posted by Jennifer Kennedy in Upgrades

What is happening?

We need to upgrade TurningPoint to a new version which will make some changes to the software.

Why are we doing this now?
We have been notified by TurningPoint in the last few weeks that our current version will cease to work on 31 December 2017, so we must upgrade by then to retain service.

What will change?
In terms of appearance, you will notice a difference but the actual layout and functionality of the software is essentially the same, so you won’t have a whole new program to learn. However, it will have one significant change that may affect users:

The animated charts used in our current version will not function in the new version. This is because the newer versions of TurningPoint do not support flash content.

If you currently have any animated charts in your TurningPoint content, you need to change them to another chart urgently. If you try to run these charts in the newer version, they will not appear, and in some cases, PowerPoint could crash. Please check and update your content now to avoid this issue (see these instructions). The charts that will no longer function are:

  • 3D column – animated chart
  • 2D column – animated chart
  • 3D pie – animated chart
  • 2D pie – animated chart
  • 3D doughnut – animated chart
  • 2D doughnut – animated chart
  • 2D bar – animated chart

Do I still run it in the same way?

When you first run the new version, you will be asked to select your region. Please choose Europe, or your mobile/web app polls will not work correctly.

Whether the software will be installed on the PC automatically, installed on request, or available through AppsAnywhere has not been confirmed yet by our software team, who are still packaging the new version at short notice to meet the deadline. Once confirmed, we will publish more information but we are giving a heads up about the change now to give staff as much opportunity as possible to update their content.

Will my students need to change any settings?

No, it’s just the desktop version of the software that will change – along with any animated charts you are using in your content. Students won’t need to do anything different.



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