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The Hallam Academic Digest (September 2019) has been produced to keep you up to date with the latest Hallam developments relating to the planning and delivery of academic teaching.

These include new resources and systems launched over the summer as well as revisions to current systems and processes.

You can read the latest Hallam Academic Digest by clicking here.

Please note that you may have to log in to view the digest, using the following format: (where username is your normal university login code).

Hallam Academic Digest (September 2019) features:

New Resources & Systems

  1. Hallam Welcome
  2. Course Leader and Academic Adviser Newsletters
  3. New SAS Intranet Site
  4. Curriculum Catalogue Implementation

Our New Student Support Model

Revisions to Existing Systems and Policies

  1. Student Attendance and Engagement Policy
  2. University Grade Descriptors
  3. Coursework Submission Deadline
  4. Study Abroad Mark Conversion
  5. Extenuating Circumstances Policy and Procedure/Requests to Extend a Submission Deadline
  6. Blackboard
  7. Highly Skilled Employment Commitment
  8. Changes to Faculty Finance Teams


  1. Windows 10 Upgrade
  2. Upgrade and Maintenance
  3. Reporting Faults
  4. Teaching Session Times
  5. Supporting Students through Peer-Led Learning
  6. Course Rep Recruitment

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