Professorial Lecture Series: Professor Joanne Butt (Tuesday 17 September)

Professorial Lecture Series: Professor Joanne Butt

Mind Matters: A journey through applied research into practice in sport psychology

Date: Tuesday 17 September Time: 6pm – 8pm Venue: Heart of the Campus Lecture Theatre

Please arrive from 6:00pm for refreshments, which will be served outside the lecture theatre. The lecture will begin at 6:30pm prompt followed by wine and nibbles.

About the lecture

In the early stages of my graduate studies, a professor asked us all “why do we do what we do?” In a mocking tone, he replied, “because that’s the way we have always done it!” There, my journey began in wrestling with the tensions that have shaped, and continue to shape, the field of sport psychology. Given the research-practice ‘divide’, often at the heart of current debate in my field, I have focused my research on some critical psychological constructs that frequently influence athletes’ performance. This work has been fuelled by the impactful questions discussed in my graduate education: “why do I do research?”; “what makes my work meaningful?”; “what are the real-world questions that need asking?”. I will share how findings have influenced my work as a sport psychologist, and more recently, how we might engender a psychologically-informed environment for which developing athletes can thrive.

Joanne joined Sheffield Hallam University in 2005 after completing her MSc and PhD at Miami University (Ohio) and is a registered sport and exercise psychologist with the Health Care Professionals Council. Joanne has provided support to a variety of athletes and teams across a range of levels and has been providing psychology support for the British Equestrian Federation for the past five years. Joanne publishes research in sport psychology and performance topics, including anxiety, confidence, mental toughness, and youth development. Joanne has also supervised several students to PhD completion in addition to students completing supervised experience for registration as a sport psychologist. Outside of the sport domain, Joanne contributes to Sheffield Hallam’s wellness programme and delivers performance psychology in other business settings. Joanne is currently Chair of the Training and Standards Partnership Committee (British Psychological Society) for the division of sport and exercise psychology and also serves on the editorial board of a variety of sport and exercise psychology journals.


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