‘You said, we did’ – salad days are back

During our recent Faculty Leadership Team Q&A sessions, several staff commented on the catering currently available in the Robert Winston Building. The issue has been raised and we are happy, as part of our ‘You said, we did’, to share with you the positive feedback that has been received from John Broadhurst, head of catering:

“Thank you for the information and feedback from your colleagues about how we might support this hiatus in student numbers through specific weeks of the next academic year.

Robert Winston Building

  • We are currently planning to remodel a part of the service counter to incorporate a significant improvement to fresh and healthy food. This will include a contemporary style of handmade wrap, and the re-introduction of an interesting salad bar.
  • We will introduce a third cashier/ till point to the service on these specific days to help queue bust.
  • We can introduce a filter coffee option to speed up service.
  • We are currently consulting on appointing a catering supervisor to this venue to further reinforce the holistic service
  • To provide a microwave/ hot water station in RWB. There is an option to locate adjacent to the vending machine on Level 5. We will then fund the fitting out and implementation of this.
  • We will introduce a mobile cart, located in the RWB reception area (currently a wooden desk) to sell our ‘Essentials’ range ( this facility has been serving over 100 customers daily in HOTC).
  • We will introduce a new Grab and Go Pasty product with a focus on speed of service, and will install this at a hot food dispense cabinet which enables a fast service.

Heart of the Campus

  • We will provide an additional microwave point adjacent to the Pearson entrance.
  • The Granary hot offer will be aligned slightly to streamline speed of service.
  • An additional upright fridge will be incorporated to add to the Grab and Go range.


  • This café has been de-commissioned and we are not in a position to re-instate.
  • We will add a further microwave to this area.

Seating space

  • There is an opportunity to hire up to 12 picnic benches to place outside RWB. I know the weather isn’t always suitable, but could offer some support.”

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